How much do concrete feed bunks weigh?

How much do concrete feed bunks weigh?

They are 8 feet long and weigh approximately 2400 lbs.

How much do concrete troughs weigh?

Concrete Water Trough Dimensions

Capacity Length (mm) Weight (kg)
90 Ltrs (20 gal) 1170 260
205 Ltrs (45 gal) 2000 420
180 Ltrs (40 gal) 1490 420
340 Ltrs (75 gal) 1540 520

What is cable trough?

Cable troughs are mainly laid alongside railway tracks, and carry and protect all kinds of cables, for communications, signals, and electrical power distribution and transmission.

What is a feeding trough for cattle called?

A manger or trough is a rack for fodder, or a structure or feeder used to hold food for animals. The word comes from the Old French mangier (meaning “to eat”), from Latin mandere (meaning “to chew”).

What is feeder panel?

The feeder panel is used for the distribution of the power for different uses and as per the requirement of consumer. It is also used for the interconnection between the different supply and also synchronism with the diesel generator sets as the backup supply.

What are Wireways used for?

Wireways protect conductors by preventing kinks and damage from elements like dust or water. They route electrical wiring, electrical feeders, branch circuits, and other groups of conductors.

What is trench cable?

Cable Trench means a facility that holds a portion of fiber optic cable and associated conduit and splicing chambers and that, in the case of subterranean construction is buried, and in the case of aerial construction is attached to a structure such as a bridge.

Are concrete feed troughs good for cows?

Concrete Feed Troughs In addition to Water Troughs we manufacture a comprehensive range of durable Precast Concrete Feed Troughs suitable for use with dairy and beef cattle. Our feed troughs are suitable for use with diet feeders ensuring food stuffs are kept clean and within livestock reach at all times.

Why choose our concrete horse troughs?

Rounded tops make it safer for both cattle and horse. Solid legs for more stability and less shifting due to soil conditions. 6000 psi concrete makes them durable and protects them from relocation damage. Rebar enforced. Our concrete troughs are available in many feed and hardware stores all over the state of Texas.

Where can I buy your concrete troughs?

Our concrete troughs are available in many feed and hardware stores all over the state of Texas. They can only be purchased from one of our partnering retailers. Please use our store locator to find the seller nearsest to you.

Where can I buy precast concrete feed bunks?

Wieser Concrete’s selection of Precast Concrete Feed Bunks offers you a wide variety of choices, including both Fenceline and H-Bunk designs. Available fencing accessories include: