How much are general admission tickets to the AFL?

How much are general admission tickets to the AFL?

$27 for adults
Who sets the ticket prices? The home club sets the prices for all 2021 Toyota AFL Premiership Season matches. The Melbourne venues general entry price will remain the same with $27 for adults, $18 for concession and juniors remain at $5.

How do I get Swans tickets?

Supporters must log in to their Swans Club Account to purchase tickets online. The easiest way to purchase home tickets is to get an E-Ticket – tickets will go straight to your email or they can be displayed and scanned via the Official Swans App. In addition, there are no booking fees when purchasing E-Tickets online.

What are general admission seats?

Title. General Admission Seating. General Admission (GA) refers to seating or standing areas that are not assigned or reserved, and are occupied on a first-come, first-served basis.

Can you walk up to AFL games?

For all remaining home and away matches of the 2022 AFL Premiership Season, a dedicated amount of ‘Walk Up’ seating will be available on all four levels of the Members’ Reserve. Members will also be able to reserve a seat on Levels 1, 2 and 4 of the Reserve via Ticketek.

How much does Swans membership cost?

NEW in 2022, get better value with a Swans Pass. The Swans Pass includes 11 tickets, so you can choose who to bring AND the games you want to attend….SWANS PASS.

Adult $252 $25.20*
Concession $202 $20.20*
Youth $105 $10.50*
Junior $62 $6.20*

What do you get in a Swans membership?

Swans Insider Membership includes a 20% discount on tickets to Sydney Swans home games in the 2022 Premiership Season, and a Swanshop Coupon to the value of $25. Swans Insider “Member ID” allows 20% discount on full price Sydney Swans tickets in the 2022 Premiership Season available via Ticketek.

Can AFL Members get guest passes?

Guests of AFL Members may purchase a discounted guest pass into the MCG AFL Reserve if they hold a club membership that meets the following criteria: A membership of the home team which has home-game entry entitlements at the MCG; or.

How early should you get to an AFL game?

On the day of the match you’ll want to plan to get to the stadium at least 1hr before the game starts if you’ve gone for a general admission ticket or 45mins before with a reserved seat. This will give you plenty of time to get through security and settle in. If you want a souvenir, the AFL Record is a great option.

Can AFL members get guest passes?

What does General Admission mean AFL?

General admission: with general admission tickets, you can sit in any of the general admission areas. These areas work on a first-in, best dressed basis. General admission seating areas will be available on the events page on our website, and on the general admission screens on entry to your Gate at the MCG.

How long is SCG membership waitlist?

Receive an offer of membership There are no other pre-requisites or requirements to be complied with when applying for membership. The typical costs involved with becoming an SCG member range from roughly $1,800 to $2,000 depending on how long the waitlist is. This estimate is based on a wait list of 9-12 years.