How many world titles has Orton won?

How many world titles has Orton won?

Orton is recognized by WWE as having the third-most world championship victories in history at 14, behind John Cena and Ric Flair (both 16) and tied with Triple H (also at 14). All totaled, Orton has won 20 championships in WWE.

Who is the most winning title in WWE?

John Cena
Most per championship

No. Champion No. of reigns
1 John Cena 13
2 Edge 7
6 Ric Flair 6
4 The Sandman 5

What is Randy Orton longest title reign?

WWE championship history

Wrestler Date won Length
The Miz 11/22/10 160 days
Randy Orton 9/19/10 64 days
Sheamus 6/20/10 91 days
John Cena 3/28/10 84 days

Who is the second longest WWE Champion?

Here is the of the five longest WWE title reigns in history:

  • Bruno Sammartino: 2,803 days (May 17, 1963-Jan. 18, 1971)
  • Bob Backlund: 2,135 days (Feb. 2, 1978-Dec. 26, 1983)
  • Hulk Hogan: 1,474 days (Jan. 23, 1984-Feb. 5, 1988)
  • Bruno Sammartino: 1,237 days (Dec. 10, 1973-Apr.
  • Pedro Morales: 1,027 days (Feb. 8, 1971-Dec.

Who is the new WWE universal champion?

Roman Reigns
After finally conquering The Beast on The Grandest Stage of Them All, Roman Reigns raises both of his titles as the new Undisputed WWE Universal Champion.

What is Randy Orton win/loss record?

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Win Type Wins Losses
Disqualification 98 (12.81%) 93 (17.16%)
Other 20 (2.61%) 39 (7.20%)
TOTAL 765 542

How many times has Randy Orton won the WWE Championship?

Randy Orton is a 14-time WWE World Champion and without a doubt one of the greatest Superstars in WWE history. Whilst, Orton has won the WWE Championship 10 times, and four World Heavyweight titles, not all of his reigns have been great. RELATED: Randy Orton’s 10 Best World Championship Matches Ranked

What happened to Randy Orton on SmackDown?

On the following episode of SmackDown!, Orton challenged Mysterio for the World Heavyweight Championship, but failed to win the title. On April 4, Orton was suspended for sixty days for “unprofessional conduct”. In an interview, Orton stated, “my conduct was unbecoming of a champion, which is what I will be again when I return”.

How did edge and Randy Orton become WWE World Tag Team Champions?

Randy Orton and Edge are 159th World Tag team champions in the History of WWE. On the Nov. 13 RAW, Rated-RKO (Edge & Randy Orton) defeated the legendary team of Ric Flair & “Rowdy” Roddy Piper to become World Tag Team Champions. Edge took out Piper early in the match with a con-chair-to, leaving Flair to face Rated-RKO by himself.