How many water bodies are there in India?

How many water bodies are there in India?

It provides integrated view of water-spread dynamics for more than 12,500 water bodies in the country.

What are the three water bodies?

Geographers divide Earth’s water bodies into three types: oceans, flowing water, and lakes.

What are the water bodies present in India?

The Indian Ocean and the Bay of Bengal are situated towards the south and east of the country and the Arabian Sea is located in the west. The Andaman Sea and the Lakshadweep Sea are smaller water bodies.

Which water body is named after India?

The Indian Ocean has been known by its present name since at least 1515 when the Latin form Oceanus Orientalis Indicus (“Indian Eastern Ocean”) is attested, named for India, which projects into it.

What are the main water bodies?

Bodies of Water

  • Oceans.
  • Seas.
  • Lakes.
  • Rivers and Streams.
  • Glaciers.

How many rivers are there in India?

There are 8 major river systems in India, with more than 400 rivers in total.

How many seas are in the Indian Ocean?

The Indian Ocean shares its borders with seven marginal seas. The following is a list of those seas arranged by area. All figures were obtained from Wikipedia.

What are the 3 largest bodies of water?


  • Pacific Ocean – 155,556,651 sq km.
  • Atlantic Ocean – 76,761,938 sq km.
  • Indian Ocean – 68,555,923 sq km.
  • Antarctic / Southern Ocean – 20,327,001 sq km.
  • Arctic Ocean – 14,055,930 sq km.
  • Hudson Bay – 4,041,400 sq km.
  • South China Sea – 2,974,601 sq km.
  • What are the sea and ocean around India?

    1. INDIA INDIA is surrounded by 3 oceans namely the Arabian Sea (west), Indian Ocean (south), Bay of Bengal (east).

    Which is the biggest sea in India?

    To the south it is bounded by the Southern Ocean or Antarctica, depending on the definition in use. Along its core, the Indian Ocean has some large marginal or regional seas such as the Arabian Sea, the Laccadive Sea, the Somali Sea, Bay of Bengal, and the Andaman Sea….

    Indian Ocean
    Shore length1 66,526 km (41,337 mi)

    Who is the smallest river in India?

    The Arvari river
    The Arvari river is the smallest river in India. It has a length of about 45 kilometres, and it flows through the Arvari district of Rajasthan. It is the district’s primary source of water.

    Which is the 3 longest river in India?

    Longest River in India

    • The Ganges River- 2525 km.
    • Godavari River- 1464 km.
    • Krishna River- 1400 km.
    • Yamuna River- 1376 km.
    • Narmada River- 1312 km.
    • Indus River- 3180 km.
    • Brahmaputra River- 2900 km.
    • Mahanadi River- 890 km.