How many wards are in Barrie?

How many wards are in Barrie?

The council consists of the Mayor of Barrie and ten councillors, who represent the ten wards of the city.

Who is my city Councillor Barrie?

Mayor & Council

Ward 1 (MAP) Councillor (705) 739-4271 [email protected] Ward 2 (MAP) Councillor (705) 739-4272 [email protected]
Ward 4 (MAP) Councillor & Deputy Mayor (705) 739-4268 [email protected] Ward 5 (MAP) Councillor (705) 739-4275 [email protected]

How many Councillors are in Barrie?

10 Councillors
Council is the policy-forming and decision-making body of the City of Barrie. It is comprised of the Mayor and 10 Councillors (representing 10 wards) who are each elected for a four-year term.

How many voting areas is the city of Barrie divided into?

For the 2015 federal election, the city of Barrie was split into two new electoral districts, the north half became part of Barrie—Springwater—Oro-Medonte, whereas the south half became part of Barrie—Innisfil.

How much does the mayor of Barrie make?

The current mayor is Jeff Lehman….List of mayors of Barrie.

Mayor of Barrie
Salary CA$180,000 (2020)
Website Office of the Mayor

Is Jeff Lehman married?

Lehman lives with partner Carolina Belmares, a fitness and nutrition coach, writer, and speaker. Their blended family includes their four children and twenty-pound cat, Churro.

Which district is Barrie?

Barrie—Innisfil is a federal electoral district in Ontario….Barrie—Innisfil.

Ontario electoral district
District webpage profile, map
Population (2016) 109,286
Electors (2021) 90,268

What is a ward in a city?

ward. / (wɔːd) / noun. (in many countries) a district into which a city, town, parish, or other area is divided for administration, election of representatives, etc.

How much does the Toronto mayor make?

Other notable Toronto salaries: John Tory, Toronto Mayor: $197,316.

What is Jeff Lehman salary?

Ranking information by year

2020 $219,247 5,693 / 205,606
2019 $340,991 500 / 167,098
2018 $293,906 1,427 / 151,375
2017 $247,207 2,242 / 131,909

What riding is Barrie in?

Barrie—Innisfil is a provincial electoral district in Ontario, Canada. It elects one member to the Legislative Assembly of Ontario. The riding was created in 2015 from portions of Barrie and York—Simcoe ridings, and it is congruent with the new federal riding of the same name.

Is innisfil in southern Ontario?

Innisfil is a town in Ontario, Canada, located on the western shore of Lake Simcoe in Simcoe County, immediately south of Barrie and 80 kilometres (50 mi) north of Toronto….

• Total 262.39 km2 (101.31 sq mi)
Population (2021)
• Total 43,326
• Density 165.1/km2 (428/sq mi)

Why is it called 5th ward?

The site was sparsely inhabited before the Civil War. It was subsequently settled by freedmen and became known as the Fifth Ward in 1866, when an alderman was elected to represent the community in the Houston city government. At the time half the population was Black and half White.

Who is a city divided into wards?

This means that certain regions will have more number of citizens compared to another and thus, the representatives elected will not be of uniform representation. Thus, city is divided into wards based on population in order to ensure equal representation of voters.

Why is a city divided into wards?

The city is divided into a number of wards for the purpose of electing members to a municipal body.

What’s doug ford’s salary?

Notable Ontario salaries: Ontario Premier, Doug Ford: $208,974.00. Chief Medical Officer of Health, Dr.