How many Typo outlets are there in Singapore?

How many Typo outlets are there in Singapore?

16 Typo shops
You can choose from a selection of 16 Typo shops in Singapore for the Australian stationery store chain, with one of the outlets being at Bugis Junction mall (200 Victoria Street).

How many Typo shops are there?

Growing from one store in Victoria, there are now over 250 stores in 14 countries, as well as an online destination that ships globally. Our stores are a destination of discovery with re-imagined gifts and stationery.

Is Typo under cotton on?

The Typo brand that is operated by Cotton On is a recognizable name as the division brand is popular for its best ranges of gifts, stationery, arts, décor and even cards.

Does Bedok have a Typo?

Bedok Mall is at Bedok Mall. Typo is a destination of discovery with re-imagined gifts and stationery where you can always expect the unexpected. They add quirky personality to everyday items through humour, graphics and design.

Is Typo a franchise?

As of 2020, it has over 1,500 stores in 18 countries employing 22,000 people across seven brands: Cotton On, Cotton On Kids, Cotton On Body, Factorie, Typo, Rubi, Supré, and Cotton On Foundation….Cotton On Group.

Type Private
Founded 1991
Headquarters Geelong, Australia
Area served Worldwide

What does Typo stand for?

Definition of typo : an error (as of spelling) in typed or typeset material.

How many stores does Cotton On have in Singapore?

Cotton On Group has stores in the following countries: Malaysia (81) Singapore (77)

Why is typo called typo?

Typo is short for typographical error—a mistake made when typing something. The term typically refers to an unintentional error that happens when you accidentally hit the wrong key on a keyboard—the kind of mistake that autocorrect is supposed to catch and automatically fix when you’re typing a document or texting.

What does typo store sell?


  • Shop All Stationery.
  • New In: Stationery.
  • Bundles.
  • Mystery Boxes.
  • Journals.
  • Notebooks.
  • Diaries & Planners.
  • Is Typo only in Australia?

    Typo is a stationery brand with stores in Australia, Asia, New Zealand and the UK.

    When was typo founded?

    Typo, known for its quirky and colourful stationery, gifts, homeware and travel accessories, opened its first store in 2009, expanded to the US in 2012 and now has more than 140 stores in 11 countries, including South Africa, New Zealand, Hong Kong, the Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and the United Arab …

    Is Ceres life part of Cotton On?

    The Cotton On Group is proud to launch Ceres Life, a Research and Development brand years in the making, developed with a conscious promise. In 2003, the Cotton On customer was 24. Today, that girl is 40.

    Is typo an Australian company?

    Cotton On Group is Australia’s largest global retailer, known for its fashion clothing and stationery brands….Cotton On Group.

    Type Private
    Brands List Cotton On Cotton On Kids Cotton On Body Factorie Typo Rubi Supré Cotton On Foundation