How many titles did Nadal win in 2013?

How many titles did Nadal win in 2013?

2013 Rafael Nadal tennis season

Country Spain
Calendar prize money $14,570,937 (singles & doubles)
Season record 75–7 (91.46%)
Calendar titles 10

How many of Nadal’s titles are on clay?

Nadal also holds the Open Era record for the most consecutive sets won on a single surface (50 on clay). On clay, he has won an all-time record 14 majors, a record 26 Masters 1000 titles, and an Open Era record 63 titles overall.

How many titles has Nadal won in total?

22Rafael Nadal / Grand slams won (singles)

How many times has Rafael Nadal won the French Open?

He is the only male player to win the French Open and the US Open in the same year four times (2010, 2013, 2017, 2019). Ivan Lendl (1986, 1987) and Rod Laver (1962, 1969) attained this twice. Nadal has won 36 ATP Masters 1000 titles, one behind Novak Djokovic, and reached 52 finals and a record 75 semifinals .

What is Rafael Nadal’s record in 2013?

These victories gave him a 75–7 (91.46%) record in singles, and 6–1 (85.71%) record in doubles in 2013. Following 222 days injured, Nadal returned on the tennis court on February 5 at the Chile Open.

How many medals has Rafael Nadal won in the Olympics?

Representing Spain, Nadal has won 2 Olympic Gold medals including a Singles Gold at the 2008 Beijing Olympics and Gold in men’s doubles at the 2016 Rio Olympics and in the process became the second male tennis player to win both Singles and Doubles Olympics Gold after Nicolas Massu in tennis history.

How many times has Rafael Nadal been to a clay court semi-final?

To further highlight how unique this streak was, Nadal went 15–8 in clay court semifinals from 2015 to 2019 through the 2019 French Open tournament.