How many students go to BDSC?

How many students go to BDSC?

1900 students
An overview of our college. Botany Downs Secondary College, located in East Auckland, is a large, multicultural co-educational state school for Years 9 to 13 (ages 13 to 18 years) with almost 1900 students, 170 staff, and a decile rating of 9.

What is BDSC Iraq?

Baghdad Diplomatic Support Center (BDSC): This is a 350-acre State Department-managed facility located next to the Baghdad International Airport (not within the IZ). BDSC houses 41 individual agencies or groups, totaling approximately 1600 personnel.

What decile is Pakuranga College?


Pakuranga College
Principal Michael Williams
School roll 2062 (March 2022)
Socio-economic decile 7O

Where is Baghdad Diplomatic Support Center?

Is Edgewater College a good school?

The school’s leadership is strong and promotes ongoing improvements for students. NCEA achievement levels are very good for many students, and the school is now developing a plan to accelerate achievement and successes for Māori students.

What is the most prestigious high school in New Zealand?

St. Cuthbert’s
St. Cuthbert’s leaps to first place with an exceptional academic performance from students. Pinehurst went from 5th to 2nd place, with a strong extracurricular and leadership activity profile and a 96% university entrance rate.

What is the most famous school in NZ?

Top Universities in New Zealand 2018

  • University of Auckland.
  • University of Otago.
  • University of Canterbury.
  • Victoria University of Wellington.
  • University of Waikato.
  • Massey University.
  • Lincoln University.
  • Auckland University of Technology.

How many syndicates does Lloyds have in London?

76 syndicates
Each syndicate sets its own appetite for risk, develops a business plan, arranges its reinsurance protection and manages its exposures and claims. At 31 December 2020, there were 76 syndicates at Lloyd’s.