How many songs does Demi Lovato have?

How many songs does Demi Lovato have?

Lovato’s fifth studio album, Confident, was released in October 2015, their first release after signing with Island Records. It debuted at number two on the Billboard 200 and is certified Platinum by the RIAA….

Demi Lovato discography
Music videos 44
EPs 5
Singles 44
Soundtrack albums 2

What was Demi first song?

Once signed with Hollywood Records, Lovato released their debut pop rock single, “Get Back” from their debut studio album, Don’t Forget which was released on September 23, 2008.

What is Demi Lovato biggest hit?

HHappy Birthday, Demi Lovato! The pop superstar turns 28 today (Aug. 20, 2020)….Check them out below.

  1. 1. “ Sorry Not Sorry”
  2. 2. “ Heart Attack”
  3. 3. “ Give Your Heart A Break”
  4. 4. “ Cool For The Summer”
  5. 5. “ Confident”
  6. 6. “ Neon Lights”
  7. 7. “
  8. 8. “

What is Demi Lovato’s hardest song to sing?

“Skyscraper” is one of Demi Lovato’s many notoriously hard songs to sing. With the high note scraping the top of your range, the song’s name fits the melodic line perfectly.

How many songs Selena Gomez have?

As of April 2021, she has more than 5 billion U.S. song streams. As of October 2015, Gomez has sold 6.7 million albums and 22 million singles worldwide. She has amassed 37 chart entries on the US Billboard Hot 100, including a number-one single and 8 top-tens songs….

Selena Gomez discography
Promotional singles 4

Who is Demi Lovato’s ex?

Max Ehrich
Demi Lovato broke off their engagement to fiancé Max Ehrich in September 2020, after dating for at least six months. Their relationship with the Emmy-nominated actor is explored in Demi’s new Youtube documentary, Dancing with the Devil, which chronicles their personal and professional life over the last three years.