How many Silver Fern Farms are there in nz?

How many Silver Fern Farms are there in nz?

14 sites
We have a network of 14 sites around New Zealand producing lamb, beef, and venison.

Who owns silverfern farms?

Shanghai Maling Aquarius…Silver Fern Farms Co‑operati…
Silver Fern Farms/Parent organizations
Silver Fern Farms Limited is a New Zealand multinational meat company. It is owned in equal partnership by Silver Fern Farms Co-op Ltd, a cooperative of 16,000 New Zealand sheep, cattle and deer farmers and Shanghai Maling Aquarius Ltd. The company is New Zealand’s largest livestock processing and marketing company.

Is Silver Fern Farms Halal?

All of our beef and lamb products are halal certified.

Where can I find a silver fern?

The ‘silver fern’ Cyathea dealbata – ponga in te reo Māori – is a species of tree fern only found in New Zealand. Although they are called ‘silver ferns’, the undersides of the fronds are usually white; only in some northern populations are they actually ‘silver’.

How many employees does Silver Fern Farms have?

Silver Fern Farms corporate office is located in 283 Princes St, Dunedin, 9054, New Zealand and has 959 employees.

What is Silver Fern Farms worth?

Silver Fern Farms Limited, New Zealand’s leading processor, marketer, and exporter of lamb, beef, and venison, recognized a total income of 2.75 billion New Zealand dollars in 2021.

Is the silver fern poisonous?

Traditional uses: The woody fibre of the trunk of silver fern is poisonous, and was used to tip spears (Riley, 1994, Maori Healing and Herbal, Viking Sevenseas).

Where did the silver fern come from?

Alsophila dealbata, synonym Cyathea dealbata, commonly known as the silver fern or silver tree-fern, or as ponga /ˈpɒŋə/ or punga /ˈpʌŋə/ (from Māori kaponga or ponga), is a species of medium-sized tree fern, endemic to New Zealand.

How many processing plants does Silver Fern Farms have?

14 processing plants
We have the most extensive plant network in New Zealand – operating 14 processing plants from North to South.

How many people does silver fern farms employ?

about 550 people
Our Pacific Plant processes beef, and employs about 550 people in peak season.

What is silver fern used for?

Silver ferns flourish under teatree (manuka/kanuka) and other scrubs in the northern lowlands. Traditional uses of ponga included as building material, treating skin problems, marking tracks for night-time use, and the trunk’s woody fibre was used to make poisonous spear tips.

Who invented the silver fern?

It was one design that helped stimulate debate prior to official submissions and was submitted to the New Zealand Government as an alternate design for the New Zealand Flag. A Silver fern flag designed by Kyle Lockwood.

Is fern native to NZ?

New Zealand has 194 native species and 35 introduced species of ferns and lycophytes. They range from freshwater to alpine habitats, and from just a few millimetres long to 20-metre-tall tree ferns. Just under half of the native species cannot be found anywhere else.

How much do Silver Ferns make?

The Silver Ferns are on annual four-tiered contracts, which range from $20-45,000 with match payments of $1500 per test on top of that. Premier Silver Ferns earn more than $130,000 a year, including their domestic contracts, with the top ones also having sponsorship and endorsement deals.