How many secondary schools are there in Wiltshire?

How many secondary schools are there in Wiltshire?

Facts About Wiltshire Secondary Schools Wiltshire has 54 secondary schools that serve 35,132 students for the school year 2022.

What is the best primary school in Wiltshire?

The top 10 primary schools in the South West

Regional rank School name Grammar (Averaged scaled score)
1 Elmlea Junior School 112.7
2 Freshford Church School 109.3
3 St Osmund’s RC Primary School 113.3
4= St Teresa’s RC Primary School 113.3

Which school gets the most students into Oxbridge?

Between 2015-2020 state school intake has increased from 62.3% to 70% at Cambridge and from 55.6% to 68.7% at Oxford – and the number of Oxbridge offers is reaching double figures at a growing number of state secondary schools, grammar schools and sixth form colleges.

Does Swindon have good schools?

SWINDON Academy topped the tables for pupil progress for the fourth year in a row and is achieving higher than many other schools across the country.

How many primary schools are there in Wiltshire?

Facts About Wiltshire Primary Schools Wiltshire has 218 primary schools that serve 41,303 students for the school year 2022.

Is Wiltshire posh?

A Wiltshire village has been ranked one of the poshest in Britain. The list of Britain’s 54 poshest villages has crowned Avebury among the prime locations for wannabe buyers, with house prices averaging £422,413.

What do you call someone from Wiltshire?

Moonrakers is the colloquial name for people from Wiltshire, a county in the West Country of England.

Which 100 schools got most Oxbridge offers?

These are the top 20 private schools most likely to get Oxbridge offers:

  • Hampton School.
  • Manchester Grammar School.
  • North London Collegiate School.
  • Highgate School.
  • Dulwich College.
  • Alleyn’s School, Dulwich.
  • Royal Grammar School Guildford.
  • King Edward VI High School for Girls.

Which school sends the most students to Oxford?

Full Top 100

X.1 School Offers
1 Westminster School, London 93
2 Hills Road College, Cambridge 71
3 Eton College, Windsor 69
4 Peter Symonds College, Winchester 62

What is the best primary school in Swindon?

The Best Primary Schools Near Swindon

School Inspection Rating Ages
Drove Primary School Drove Road, Swindon, SN1 3AH Outstanding 3-11
The Croft Primary School Marlborough Lane, Swindon, SN3 1RA Outstanding 4-11
Lawn Primary and Nursery School Cleeve Lawn, Swindon, SN3 1LE Good 2-11

Does Swindon have grammar schools?

Swindon Academy Grammar Stream was launched in September 2016 and is the only Grammar Stream in Swindon. A Grammar Stream is an educational arrangement whereby a group of students are educated in a mainstream school, but follow a Grammar School-style curriculum that is taught by subject specialist teachers.

Is Wiltshire rough?

A town near Wiltshire has been ranked among the ‘worst places to live in England,’ in a controversial survey. The annual survey by I Live Here has revealed the 50 least popular areas of the country, according to their readers and roasts the towns dry.

What celebrities live in Wiltshire?

Wiltshire is prime celeb spotting country… there’s Madge, Sting, Toyah, Melinda, Peter Gabriel, Nigel Havers, Zoe Wannamaker and C3PO and they’re just the resident stars.

What schools feed into Oxbridge?

These are the top 20 private schools most likely to get Oxbridge offers:

  • Westminster School.
  • Eton College.
  • St Paul’s School.
  • St Paul’s Girls’ School.
  • The Perse School.
  • Magdalen College School.
  • King’s College School.
  • Brighton College.

Which school sends most students to Oxbridge?