How many seasons of The Onedin Line are there?

How many seasons of The Onedin Line are there?


The Onedin Line
No. of series 8
No. of episodes 91 (list of episodes)
Producers Anthony Coburn (pilot episode), Peter Graham Scott

Is the Onedin Line on Netflix?

The Onedin Line is not available for streaming.

Why did Brian Rawlinson leave the Onedin Line?

Brian Rawlinson, who had played Robert in the first two seasons, did not want to continue his role and was replaced by James Garbutt – who had already had a brief appearance as Tapscott in the final episode of series 1.

What channel is Onedin Line on?

BBC OneThe Onedin Line / NetworkBBC One is a British free-to-air television network owned and operated by the BBC. It is the corporation’s flagship network and is known for broadcasting mainstream programming. They include the BBC News television bulletins, primetime drama and entertainment, and live sports events. Wikipedia

What happened on the last episode of Onedin Line?

October 26, 1980The Onedin Line / Final episode date

How many episodes of The Onedin Line were there?

91The Onedin Line / Number of episodes

How many episodes are there in the Onedin Line?

What was the last episode of The Onedin Line?

A Long Way HomeThe Onedin Line / Latest episode

How many episodes are there in The Onedin Line?

What did Peter Gilmore died of?

February 3, 2013Peter Gilmore / Date of death

Who did Peter Gilmore marry?

Anne Stallybrassm. 1987–2013Jan Watersm. 1970–1976Una Stubbsm. 1958–1969
Peter Gilmore/Spouse

Is Una Stubbs passed away?

August 12, 2021Una Stubbs / Date of death

Who did Stubbs marry?

Nicky Hensonm. 1969–1975Peter Gilmorem. 1958–1969
Una Stubbs/Spouse

Is Emma Barton related to Una Stubbs?

EastEnders. In 2006, Una headed to Albert Square as Caroline Bishop, the maternal aunt of Honey Mitchell (Emma Barton), who acted as a surrogate mother to her when her biological mother died during childbirth. Despite only appearing in the BBC soap for a number of months that year, she certainly made her mark on-screen …

Whats happened to Una Stubbs?

Actress Una Stubbs, who appeared in some of the best-loved shows on British TV from the 1960s to the 2010s, has died at the age of 84. She found fame in Cliff Richard’s 1963 film Summer Holiday before starring in hit sitcom Till Death Us Do Part.

What age is Una Stubbs?

84 years (1937–2021)Una Stubbs / Age at death

Did Emma Barton go out with Stephen Mulhern?

The 44-year-old dated a well-known EastEnders actress and Strictly Come Dancing contestant a few years ago. Stephen’s former flame is none other than Emma Barton, also 44. The pair reportedly dated for three years, but kept their romance private and out of the public eye.

What age is Lionel Blair?

92 years (1928–2021)Lionel Blair / Age at death