How many people were at the AC DC concert in 2009?

How many people were at the AC DC concert in 2009?

200,000 fans
An AC/DC concert from Buenos Aires in December 2009 when nearly 200,000 fans, over 3 sold-out nights, thunderously welcomed them back after a 13-year absence from Argentina.

What was AC DC largest concert crowd ever?

Sept. Massive ‘Monsters of Rock’ Stop: A festival appearance at Moscow found the suddenly-resurgent AC/DC playing before an astonishing crowd estimated at 1.6 million people. This period was commemorated with two-hour set from that August, titled ‘Live at Donington. ‘

When did AC DC play in Dublin?

April 26, 1991
AC/DC Concert Setlist at Point Theatre, Dublin on April 26, 1991 |

Who toured with Nickelback in 2009?

Seether and Saving Abel were the opening acts on the tour. On the second half of the North American tour, Hinder, Papa Roach, and Saving Abel were in support. Black Stone Cherry were the support act for the European tour of the UK in May 2009….Dark Horse Tour.

Legs 9
No. of shows 155
Nickelback concert chronology

Is AC DC coming to Ireland?

There was good news for fans of AC/DC this week, with the rockers confirming that they plan to visit Ireland on their upcoming tour.

Is AC DC An Irish band?

AC/DC (stylised as ACϟDC) are an Australian rock band formed in Sydney in 1973 by Scottish-born brothers Malcolm and Angus Young.

Who toured with Nickelback in 2008?

In July 2008, the band signed with Live Nation for three touring and album cycles, with an option for a fourth.

Who is playing in Slane 2022?

Music acts include Nialler9, Lucy McWilliams, Joe Goddard, Lane 8 and DJ Seinfeld Presents: Mirrors Live, while comedians Anna Clifford, Emma Doran, Killian Sunderman, Michael Fry, Peter McGann, Shane Byrne, Simon Hennessy and Tony Cantwell will also perform over the weekend.