How many pages does an HP 64XL cartridge print?

How many pages does an HP 64XL cartridge print?

HP 64XL black ink gets up to 600 pages. HP 64XL tricolor ink gets up to 415 pages.

What HP printers use 64 ink?

This fits your .

  • Original HP Ink is engineered to work with HP printers to provide consistent quality, reliability and value.
  • This cartridge works with: HP ENVY Inspire 7955e, 7958e; HP ENVY Photo 6220, 6222, 6230, 6232, 6252, 6255, 6258, 7134, 7155, 7158, 7164, 7830, 7855, 7858, 7864; HP Tango; HP Tango X.

Can I use 64 ink instead of 64XL ink?

What is the difference between HP 64 and 64XL ink? There is no difference in the size since they use the same cartridge. They are physically identical, and they both install the same way in your printer. However, the “XL” means that one is the high yield version and contains more ink.

Does 64 bit work on 64XL?

A: No, you can mix 64XL cartridges with regular 64 cartridges. If you continue to have errors, you may wish to contact HP support at A: The HP 64XL ink will work in your HP Envy Photo 7858 printer. A: No, the 64 inks will not fit in the OfficeJet 5258 printer.

How long does 64XL last?

Your ink cartridge will generally last anywhere from 18 to 24 months, depending on the environment that you store it in.

Are HP 63 and 64 interchangeable?

Are they interchangeable? The answer is no, even though they look similar and will likely fit inside your printer, they will not print if installed in the wrong printer. HP 63 cartridges will not work in a printer that uses HP 64 cartridges.

Can I use 64XL instead of 63xl?

Unfortunately no; the 63 and 64 cartridges are not interchangeable. Sorry, there was a problem.

Can I use 64 ink instead 62?

Sorry, this won’t work. You have to use HP 64 or HP 64XL in The United States and Canada. HP 62 cartridges are NOT for your printer, you will get message you can’t use it or printer simply won’t print.

Is HP 63 discontinued?

Hello, no HP cartridge #63 has not ben discontinued. Thank you for being an HP customer!

What ink cartridge can I use instead of HP 65?

Installing the HP 65 is similar to installing the HP 61, 62, and 63, 64 and 67 cartridges.