How many inches of snow did Boston get in 1978?

How many inches of snow did Boston get in 1978?

27.1 inches
This catastrophic blizzard caused over $500 million in damage and killed 73 people. The historic storm took place from February 5th to February 7th, 1978. A total of 27.1 inches of snowfall were recorded in Boston.

How many feet of snow was there in the Blizzard of 78?

On this day in 1978, the storm of the century paralyzed the entire state of Massachusetts. The Blizzard of ’78 dropped between two and four feet of snow on the Bay State over the course of 32 hours.

What year had the most snow in Boston?

It snowed 24.4 inches over a two-day period, but everyone remembers 2015 because Boston broke its all-time record for snowfall in one season: 110.3 inches.

What was the name of the Blizzard in 1978?

Back in the historic winter of 1978, a massive winter storm crippled the Ohio Valley and the Great Lakes from January 25-27. This winter storm was known as the Great Blizzard of 1978, and we still remember it forty-three years later.

How many feet of snow was there in the blizzard of 78?

How many blizzards were there in 1978?

The storm killed about 100 people in the Northeast and injured about 4,500. It caused more than US$520 million (US$2.16 billion in 2021 terms) in damage….Northeastern United States blizzard of 1978.

Category 5 “Extreme” (RSI/NOAA: 18.42)
Boston City Hall
Fatalities Around 100 fatalities; 4,500 injured
Damage US$520 million (US$2.16 billion in 2021 dollars)

How much snow blizzard of 78?

The Blizzard of 1978, sometimes known more formally as the Northeastern United States Blizzard of 1978, dropped 27.1 inches of snow on Boston. Sustained winds of 86 mph were recorded in eastern Massachusetts. Worcester Regional Airport tallied 20.2 inches, while Springfield fared better, receiving 14.5 inches of snow.

When did the Blizzard of 78 start?

The Northeastern United States blizzard of 1978 was a catastrophic, historic nor’easter that struck New England, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and the New York metropolitan area. The Blizzard of ’78 formed on Sunday, February 5, 1978, and broke up on February 7.

When was Blizzard of 78 New England?

The storm brought blizzard conditions to New England on February 6 & 7, 1978, with Boston receiving a record 27.1 inches of snow. Automobile traffic was banned in the area for a week.

What was the Great Blizzard of 1978?

The Great Blizzard of 1978, also known as the White Hurricane, was a historic winter storm that struck the Ohio Valley and Great Lakes from Wednesday, January 25 through Friday, January 27, 1978. The 956.0 mb barometric pressure measurement recorded in Mount Clemens, Michigan was the lowest in the history of the Central United States.