How many goals did Gattuso score?

How many goals did Gattuso score?

Stats by club

AC Milan 466 20
FC Sion 32 1
US Salernitana 1919 25
AC Perugia Calcio 10

Was Gennaro Gattuso good?

His energetic and combative box-to-box style of play, as well as his pace, tactical awareness and abilities as a ball-winner, allowed him to form a successful midfield partnership with playmaker Andrea Pirlo throughout his career, both at club and international level.

Who does Gennaro Gattuso manage?

With a two-year contract through 2024, Gattuso will be tasked with bringing the club back into Champions League contention after three straight seasons finishing no higher than ninth. Gattuso won his only trophy as a manager with Napoli in the ’19–20 Coppa Italia.

How many red cards did Gennaro Gattuso get?

Gennaro Gattuso Gennaro Gattuso appeared in 79 Champions League games for AC Milan, with a total of 29 cards brandished in his direction (28 yellow, one straight red).

Why do the Spurs fans not like Gattuso?

However, fans strongly opposed the move due to controversial comments previously made by Gattuso about same-sex marriage and racism. The hashtag #NoToGattuso was trending on Twitter before Gattuso dropped out of contention and Spurs eventually turned to Nuno Espirito Santo.

How many red cards did Gattuso have in his career?

How many red cards does pique have?

Gerard Pique has 8 red cards in total – 5 double yellow cards and 3 direct red cards.

Who is better Pique or Ramos?

Since the past decade, it has been up for debate among the fans about who is the better defender among them. The world gets divided into two halves when it comes to Sergio Ramos and Gerard Pique….1: Personal Stats.

Pique Ramos
Accuracy 89.8% 88.6%
Failed Passes 6.48 7.04
Pass Completed 58.54 53.87

Did Xavi have red card?

Xavi has two red cards, both with double yellow.