How many European trophies have Ajax won?

How many European trophies have Ajax won?

four times
They have won the European Cup/Champions League four times, and are one of three clubs that have won the competition three times consecutively. Ajax have also won the UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup once, the UEFA Cup once, the UEFA Super Cup three times, the Intercontinental Cup twice and the International Football Cup once.

When did Ajax win European Cup?

Between them, Michels and Cruyff led Ajax through the most successful period in its history, winning seven Eredivisie titles, four KNVB Cups and three European Cups. Ajax won the Dutch championship in 1966, 1967 and 1968, and reached the 1969 European Cup final, losing to Milan.

Has Ajax won the Europa League?

This was Ajax’s second final in the UEFA Cup/Europa League, having won in the 1992 UEFA Cup Final over Torino on away goals.

Who has won the most European Cups?

Real Madrid
Spanish side Real Madrid have won a record total of 23 titles in UEFA competitions, six more than Milan (Italy).

When did Ajax last win the Champions League?

The 1995 UEFA Champions League Final was the 40th edition and took place in Vienna between Ajax and Milan….1995 UEFA Champions League Final.

Match programme cover
Event 1994–95 UEFA Champions League
Attendance 49,730
← 1994 1996 →

Who has won the most Dutch league titles?

Ajax have won the most titles with 36. PSV Eindhoven are next with 24, and Feyenoord follow with 15. Since 1965, these three clubs have won all but three Eredivisie titles (the 1981 and 2009 titles went to AZ and FC Twente won in 2010).

How many times have Ajax won the Dutch league?

With 35 being Ajax league trophies, the club holds the record for most titles won. PSV Eindhoven is next with 24, followed by Feyenoord with 15. The team is also in first place in the current season, and they are working hard to add the trophy to their collection.

Who won the 2017 Europa League final?

Manchester United F.C.2017 UEFA Europa League Final / Champion

Who won 4 European Cups?

#21: Phil Neal (Liverpool) — 4 (1977, 1978, 1981, 1984) The Reds won four European Cups in addition to their magical Champions League triumph in 2005.

Who won the most Eredivisie?