How many divisions are in Northern Railway?

How many divisions are in Northern Railway?

5 Divisions
Northern Railway now comprises of 5 Divisions-Ambala, Delhi, Ferozpur, Lucknow and Moradabad.

How many divisions are there in Northeast Railway?

three Divisions
Presently, North Eastern Railway has three Divisions at Varanasi, Lucknow and Izatnagar. It has Headquarter at Gorakhpur.

What is DDU division?

Mughalsarai railway division, officially known as Deen Dayal Upadhyaya railway division, is one of the five railway divisions under East Central Railway zone of Indian Railways. This railway division was formed on 5 November 1951 and its headquarter is located at Mughalsarai in the state of Uttar Pradesh of India.

How many Division are there in Railway?

Railway Zones and Divisions in The Country. At present there are 17 Railway Zones and 68 Divisions in the country. The details are given below: S.NO.

How many RRB are there in Northern Railway?

The Northern Railway (NR) is one of the 18 Railway zones of India and the northernmost zone of the Indian Railways….Northern Railway zone.

Headquarters New Delhi railway station
Dates of operation 14 April 1952–
Track gauge Mixed

Which is the largest division in Indian Railways?

Northern Railway (NR) It is the largest railway zones by covering 1,142 railway stations. It is headquartered in New Delhi and its divisions are Delhi, Ambala, Firozpur, Lucknow and Moradabad.

Who is GM of NE Railway?

North Eastern Railway. Shri Anupam Sharma, General Manager, East Central Railway has taken over the additional charge of the post of General Manager, North Eastern Railway on Janaury 01,2022.

Who is DRM of DDU division?

Rajesh Kumar Pandey
Important Officials

Designation Name MTNL Fax
DRM/DDU Rajesh Kumar Pandey 05412-254219
ADRM-I/DDU Rakesh Kumar Roushan 05412-255800
ADRM-II/DDU Atul Kumar
DRM/Samastipur Alok Agarwal 06274-232077

How many divisions are there in ECR?

The zone is administratively divided into 5 Divisions – Dhanbad, Danapur, Pt. Deen Dayal Upadhyaya (old name Mughal Sarai) Divisions of erstwhile Eastern Railway and Sonpur & Samastipur Divisions of erstwhile North Eastern Railway.

Who is the DRM of Northern Railway?

NEW DELHI: Arun Arora has been named divisional railways manager (DRM), Delhi division of Northern Railway.

Which railway division is best?

In originating passenger traffic, the SER has scored 7.10 out of 10, according to the scoresheet made by the Railway Ministry.

Which railway zone is biggest?

Northern Railways
Northern Railways is one of nine old zones of Indian Railways and also the biggest in terms of network having 6807 kilometre route. It covers the states of Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand and Uttar Pradesh and the Union territories of Jammu and Kashmir, Delhi and Chandigarh.

Who is DRM Varanasi?

Ajay Vijayvargiya took over as DRM Varanasi recently replacing Lalit Kapur.

Who is DRM of Northern Railway?

Which zone is ECR?

The East Central Railway (abbreviated ECR) is one of the 18 railway zones in India. It is headquartered at Hajipur and comprises Sonpur, Samastipur, Danapur, Pt….East Central Railway.

Headquarters Hajipur
Locale Bihar, Jharkhand, Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh
Dates of operation 2002–
Predecessor Eastern Railway zone