How many died in the Tianjin explosion?

How many died in the Tianjin explosion?

The final death toll was 173, with many more people injured. More than 100 of the victims were first responders attempting to stop the destruction and save others’ lives. In addition to the deaths and injuries that devasted many families, the explosions also destroyed a large amount of equipment.

What happened China 2015?

On 12 August 2015, a series of explosions at the Port of Tianjin in Tianjin, northern China killed 173 people, according to official reports, and injured hundreds of others….2015 Tianjin explosions.

Fireball from the second explosion
Date 12 August 2015
Time ~23:30 – 2:00 CST (UTC)
Venue Port of Tianjin
Location Binhai, Tianjin, China

Who was responsible for the Tianjin explosion?

The explosion was one of the deadliest industrial accidents in Chinese history and caused more than $1bn in estimated economic losses. The Ruihai Logistics chairman was found guilty of paying bribes allowing his company to sidestep safety regulations when storing sodium cyanide and other dangerous chemicals.

What caused Beirut explosion?

The explosion resulted from the detonation of tons of ammonium nitrate, a combustible chemical compound commonly used in agriculture as a high-nitrate fertilizer, but which can also be used to manufacture explosives.

What caused the Chinese stock market crash 2015?

In the year leading up to the turbulence, following the trends in the west, enthusiastic individual investors inflated the stock market bubble through mass amounts of investments in stocks often using borrowed money, exceeding the rate of economic growth and profits of the companies they were investing in.

What is the largest accidental explosion?

A Harbour Collision Destroys Halifax On 6 December 1917, the Mont Blanc, a French vessel loaded with 2.9 kilotons of explosives, collided with the Belgian relief ship, Imo, in Halifax harbour.

How big was the explosion in Beirut compared to Hiroshima?

The new assessment by the Sheffield engineers, which is published in the journal Shock Waves , found that the size of the explosion was the equivalent of between 500-1100 tonnes of TNT – around 1/20th of the size of the atomic bomb that was used on Hiroshima on 6 August 1945 and is one of the largest non-nuclear …

Why did China’s stock market crash in August 2015?

The borrowed money flooded into the Chinese stock market between June 2014 and June 2015, helping to push stock prices up 150 percent. During this period, the amount of officially sanctioned margin trading in the Chinese stock market ballooned from 403 billion yuan to 2.2 trillion yuan.

Did Beirut recover?

For now, the law – and arguably Lebanon’s poor economic outlook – has deterred much real estate investment. But one year on from the blast, Beirut’s urban recovery is still stalling, and that is cause for concern. β€œThe situation is in limbo now, we know there is some speculation taking place,” Jabr said.