How many days trek is Hampta pass?

How many days trek is Hampta pass?

4 days
Answer: The total trekking km for the Hampta Pass trek is 20 km, which is divided into 4 days of trekking.

Is Hampta pass a difficult trek?

Hampta pass trek is considered easy to moderate in difficulty and a perfect one for beginners. Generally, it takes four days to complete the Hampta pass trek. One more day is further added to visit the well-known and striking Chandrataal, a high altitude alpine lake a few hours from Chatru.

Is Hampta pass trek for beginners?

Is Hampta Pass Trek for beginners? Yes. Beginners can definitely attempt the Hampta Pass trek to try their hands at Himalayan trek trails. Starting in Manali at an altitude of 6,725 ft, you gradually get to 14,000 ft in a few days.

Which month is best for Hampta pass?

The best time to trek to Hampta Pass is from mid-June to mid-October. There are chances to witness some snow on the high passes in the early days of the season and then it melts down completely by August. Rain is expected during the monsoons in Kullu-Manali valley but in Spiti, the sun will be bright as usual.

Can Hampta pass trek be done in 2 days?

Arrival In Hampta Pass Chika can be done the same day or the alternate day. Because Manali at 6000 feet is perfect for acclimatization, and the climb from 9800 feet (Jobra) to 10400 feet (Chika) shouldn’t be much of an issue.

How do I prepare for a Hampta Trek?

Use as many stairs as you can with a 10-12 Kg (great, if 15 Kg) backpack. Before you head for the trek, on plains, you should be able to cover a 10 Km walk at a stretch of 90 minutes or 4.5 km jogging in 25 minutes. You should be able to walk with the 10-12 Kg backpack for 6-7 hours a day.

Is Hampta pass trek good?

The Hampta Pass trek in June is one of the best times to complete this trek. Considering the immense volume of snow and the sheer natural beauty, it is a must-do trek in June. A few days later, in July, the snow comes down and the valley turns green and the experience changes altogether.

Is Hampta Pass a good trek?

Is Hampta Pass safe now?

Generally, monsoon is not a good time to visit Hampta Pass. Late July and early August should be avoided because of landslides in this region. The trail also gets very slippery and hence it proves to be risky for the trekkers.

Can Hampta Pass trek be done alone?

One should never risk being alone in the mountains. But if you are an experienced trekker, who has completed other high-altitude treks and have adequate gear and maps to mark the track, there is some possibility that you can attempt Hampta Pass trek solo, without any guide.

Is Hampta Pass good trek?

Which is better Solang or Hampta?

If you want to experience fresh snow, untouched by others, don’t go to Solang, Visit Hamta Pass. It has breathtaking view of snow capped mountains and fresh snow to play around with. And most importantly, very few people visit this place.

Is Hampta pass good trek?

Is Hampta pass Trek crowded?

As pretty as it is, it has become one of the most crowded trails of our country. What trekkers love about the Hampta Pass is the dramatic crossover from the greenery of Kullu to the stark desert colours of Lahaul, an experience rare to find in other crossover treks.

What is Hampta pass famous for?

trekking route
Hampta Pass gets its name from the Hamta Village located at a staggering altitude of 14,000 feet in the Pir Panjal region. It’s famous for its trekking route and rightly so; while you traverse the mountains passes from Manali to Chandra Tal Lake, the beauty around you is surreal.

Is hampta Pass trek a 4-day or 5-day trek?

However, the 5-day itinerary for Hampta Pass trek takes you to Chandratal. On day 4, when you reach Chhatru, you’re taken to one of the campsites in Chandratal (in a car/jeep). You spend a night in Chandratal and return to Manali the following morning. This is how a 4-day or a 5-day Hampta Pass Trek itinerary differs.

How to plan hampta Pass trek from Manali to Chandratal?

Your journey begins from Manali in a car/jeep. From Zero point in Hampta Valley, the trek to Chhatru, via Hamta Pass begins. From Chhatru (in Lahaul and Spiti) you’re taken back to Manali in a Jeep or a car. However, the 5-day itinerary for Hampta Pass trek takes you to Chandratal.

What is hampta pass in Himachal Pradesh?

At an altitude of 14,035 feet, Hampta Pass is the corridor connecting the valleys of Kullu and Lahaul in the Spiti Valley. Also known as the crossover trek, this is a good initiation to high altitude Himalayan trekking in Himachal Pradesh.

How many days does it take to reach hampta pass?

After two days of the trekking, reach Hampta pass on the third day. On the same day come back to the lush green Balu ka Gera and spend the night there. The next day, return to Chika and all the way back to Manali on the fifth and the last day.