How long is the Xenotes tour?

How long is the Xenotes tour?

nine hours approximately
Xenotes Tour is available from Monday to Saturday, and lasts nine hours approximately, including transfers.

Where is Xenotes tour?

Xenotes is the only Cancun tour that takes you to visit the four types of cenotes (sinkholes) that exist in nature: semi-open, the open gran cenote, ancient, and the cavern blue cenote.

Which Xcarets have cenotes?

XENOTES TOUR + XCARET. At Xenotes Tour, you will discover the four types of cenotes that exist, plus having different activities at each one.

What is a cenote tour?

Cenotes are natural sinkholes that expose groundwater underneath. Navigate through breathtaking caves and caverns and discover the history of stalactites and stalagmites as you explore the ancient rock formations up close! Next, snorkel through an incredible lagoon brimming with aquatic life.

What can you bring on Xenotes Tour?

The footwear recommended for the Xenotes Tour is water shoes. You should bring a swimsuit, shorts, a t-shirt and a change of clothes for the end of the tour. Although it includes a towel, we recommend you bring another one.

What is cenote in Cancun?

Coming from the Mayan word ‘dzonot’ meaning ‘well’, cenotes are natural pools that form when the roof of an underground cavern collapses, topped up by rainwater and underground rivers.

Do you need reservations for cenotes?

No, you can just go. It can get pretty crowded. over a year ago. We went on a weekday in June, and we didn’t need a reservation.

How do cenotes dress?

A good tip is to wear your swimsuit from the moment you leave your room or hotel. This will help to speed up the change of clothes at the cenote. There’s no need for fancy outfits. Natural Sunscreen/ Insect repellent: You are in the middle of the jungle.

How cold are the cenotes in Mexico?

Water temperatures in the cenotes remain constant year-round and cool very minimally during the winter months. On average, temperatures are approximately 77ºF (24 to 25ºC).

What should I bring to Xenotes?