How long is Chandratal Lake Trek?

How long is Chandratal Lake Trek?

Chandratal means “Lake of the Moon”, it is a popular rekking destination in Himachal Pradesh. Chandratal Lake is perched at an height of 4250 m above the sea level. It is one of the easy to moderate level treks in Himachal. Chandra tal lake trek starts from Manali and the total trekking distance of this trek is 80 km.

How can I go to Chandratal from Manali?

The distance of Chandratal lake from Manali is 140 kms. Starting from Manali early in the morning, the journey will include crossing the Rohtang pass, and passing by Gramphu, Chhatru and Batal. Another option is to take a bus to Kaza in the morning and get off at Batal.

What is the best time to visit Chandratal Lake?

The routes to Chandratal lake remain open from June third week to November first week, for a little more than 4 months. However, the best time to visit Chandratal Lake is during the month of september when there are high chances of spotting the blooming flora and fauna, the stunning topography and clear blue skies.

Is Chandratal trek difficult?

The Chandratal Baralachala trek is classified as a trek of easy to moderate difficulty. You will trek up to an altitude of 16240 feet.

Is Chandratal Lake Worth Visiting?

Chandra taal lake is one of the best lake in Spiti. There are plenty of good lakes in Himachal Pradesh but i liked this lake a lot. In the night it looks mind-blowing. Try to capture many pictures whether it’s a day- time or night time.

Can we swim in Chandratal Lake?

Swimming in the lake is banned. Visitors are littering the area by throwing plastic garbage. They should be responsible and respect the religious sentiments of locals.

Is Chandratal open for tourists?

Chandratal lake remains closed in winters due to heavy snowfall. It remains open only from June till October. The temperature in winters dip below minus 30 degrees Celsius here. The lake is covered with a thick layer of ice these days.

Can I swim in Chandratal Lake?

Do we need permit for Chandratal Lake?

Permit for Chandratal Lake The tourists are now required to get themselves registered at to get e-pass. They need to fill in their personal details, vehicle number, travel date, source, and destination.

Do we need pass for Chandratal lake?

The district administration of Lahaul & Spiti has made e-pass mandatory to monitor traffic movement towards the famous Chandertal lake area from the Manali or Kaza side.

Can we bath in Chandratal?

MANALI: After Manali youth drowned in Chandratal (moon lake), the Spiti administration has warned visitors not to bath in the holy lake and harm its sanctity.

Do we need pass for Chandratal Lake?