How long is a 120mm shell?

How long is a 120mm shell?

Armour-Piercing Fin-Stabilized Discarding sabot (APFSDS)

Designation Origin Sub-projectile length
OFL 120 G1 France
DM23 Germany 457.7 mm (18.02 in)
M829 USA 616 mm (24.3 in)
DM33 Germany

What is range of 120mm tank gun?

4,000 metres

Rheinmetall Rh-120
Shell 120 x 570 mm R
Caliber 120 millimetres (4.72 in)
Muzzle velocity L/44: 1,530 to 1,650 m/s (5,000 to 5,400 ft/s) L/55: 1,640 to 1,750 m/s (5,400 to 5,700 ft/s)
Effective firing range 4,000 metres (4,400 yd) with DM63 8,000 metres (8,700 yd) with LAHAT anti-tank guided missile

What is Mpat round?

The AMP consolidates High-Explosive Anti-Tank (HEAT) rounds, Multi-Purpose Anti-Tank (MPAT) rounds, canister rounds, and Obstacle Reduction rounds into a single munition using new technology and an advanced ammunition data link.

How heavy is an Mpat round?

The cartridge is black with yellow markings, weighs 49.2 lb (22.3 kg), with the projectile accounting for 25.1 lb (11.4 kg), and has a length of 38.74 inches (98.4 cm). It is capable of engaging helicopters thanks to its dual-purpose fuze that offers impact or proximity modes.

What is an Mpat?

The Montana Physical Abilities Test (MPAT) is a hybrid physical ability/job sample physical abilities assessment process designed to evaluate Law Enforcement officer candidates on the essential physical capacities required to satisfactorily perform their job duties.

How much does a 120 mm tank shell weigh?

about 40 lbs.
Armament: 105mm gun (the M1A2 has a 120mm), each shell weighs about 40 lbs. Armor: The composite armor used in the M1 is Chobham (after Chobham, England, where it was developed) or code-named Burlington.

What is the Mpat for the military?

2022. “MPAT”. (accessed June 28, 2022)….Related acronyms and abbreviations.

Abbr. Meaning
AMAP As Many As Possible Internet Slang, Texting, Exercise

How tall is a HESH shell?

165 mm
A 165 mm HESH round is used by the United States Army for the main gun of the M728 combat engineer vehicle, an M60 tank equipped with a bulldozer blade.