How long does it take to get to level 6 Dark Elixir Storage?

How long does it take to get to level 6 Dark Elixir Storage?

Dark Elixir Storage

Level Cost Build Time
4 1,500,000 1 days 12 hours
5 2,000,000 2 days
6 3,000,000 3 days
7 6,000,000 5 days

What is the highest elixir storage?

The Elixir Storage and Gold Storage are the resource buildings to have the highest levels, being 15.

What happens when you get dark elixir without a storage?

If a player manages to obtain Dark Elixir without the ability to store it, they will be lost. However they still give credit toward the Heroic Heist Achievement.

Where do you store builder elixir?

The Elixir Storage stores more Elixir than an Elixir Storage in the Home Village of the same level, though a maximum level Elixir Storage in the Home Village stores more Elixir than an Elixir Storage in the Builder Base.

How much does a Level 7 gold storage hold?

Gold Pass modifiers

Level Storage Capacity Build Cost
6 45,000 12,000
7 100,000 25,000
8 225,000 50,000
9 450,000 100,000

How much time does it take to max out TH10?

In case the player has an active gold pass and is very active as well, the player would be able to max Town Hall 10 in less than eight months! However, if a player has less than four builders and is not very active in the game, it might take more than one year for the player to max TH10 completely!

How much Dark Elixir does it take to upgrade King to level 7?

Unlocking. The Barbarian King is unlocked when you build the Barbarian King Altar. The Altar costs 10.000 Dark Elixir and a Town Hall level 7 is required.

What’s the difference between elixir and builder elixir?

Builder Elixir is a resource that is collected by the Elixir Collectors on the Builder Base. Once collected it is stored in your Elixir Storages. Its usage is similar to regular Elixir, but is used on the Builder Base instead of the Home Village.

What do you do when all builders are busy in clash of clans?

Generally, I keep one open when i’m not sleeping so I can upgrade walls and such, but in your case…

  1. Upgrade anything in the lab.
  2. Make cool bases with funneling, and clever trap placements and screenshot them to mess with later.
  3. Edit war base, switch things around, or start over new.
  4. Revenge for trophies.
  5. Clan wars.

How long does it take for a level 11 Gold mine to fill?

Gold Mine

Level Cost Build Time
11 100,000 0 days 16 hours
12 200,000 1 day
13 400,000 3 days
14 800,000 5 days