How long does it take nerves to heal after discectomy?

How long does it take nerves to heal after discectomy?

Most patients feel significant relief from leg pain immediately after microdiscectomy surgery. Weakness, numbness, and other neurological symptoms, however, may improve more gradually. It may take weeks or months for the nerve root to heal to the point at which numbness and weakness subside.

How long does nerve pain last after Microdiscectomy?

Some patients go home the day after surgery, some on the second day. Most patients notice an immediate reduction in the nerve pain down the leg. In some patients all the nerve pain goes immediately but in most patients it is greatly reduced and tails off over three to six weeks.

What is the difference between a discectomy and a Microdiscectomy?

Discectomy and Microdiscectomy are terms that mean the surgical removal of part or an entire intervertebral disc. The difference between these terms is that microdiscectomy uses microscopic magnification. These procedures are performed to remove a herniated or ruptured disc.

Is it normal to still have nerve pain after a discectomy?

For discectomy surgery, the nerves may need to be moved away from the site of disc herniation. This can stretch the nerves and, for a small percentage of patients, this stretched nerve can cause numbness, pain, or even weakness of the muscles associated with that nerve. For the vast majority, this resolves over time.

Why do I still have nerve pain after Microdiscectomy?

After a microdiscectomy for a disc herniation, another disc may rupture and impinge again on the nerve root. This can happen anywhere from days to years after the surgery. The hallmark of this is pain that is gone initially after surgery, but then spontaneously returns.

Is discectomy an open surgery?

Discectomy may be recommended if physical therapy or medication fail to relieve leg or back pain or if you have signs of nerve damage, such as weakness or loss of feeling in your legs. The surgery can be performed in an open or minimally invasive technique.

Why is my foot still numb after Microdiscectomy?

This is an indication of damage to the nerve. Therefore, after removing the pressure on the nerve from the disc, it takes time for the nerve to heal itself and the numbness, therefore, takes some time to resolve. Pain usually resolves right away; however, numbness may take weeks to months to resolve.

Why is my leg still numb after Microdiscectomy?

What helps nerve pain after Microdiscectomy?

Using heat and ice therapy

  1. Heat therapy may help relax tissues, reduce spasm in tight muscles, and improve blood flow—aiding in tissue healing.
  2. Ice therapy applied to the lower back can help decrease inflammation and pain.

When can I start walking after Microdiscectomy?

He suggests patients start the recovery process by walking short distances during the first couple weeks after surgery and then gradually build endurance until they can walk two miles to three miles a day. “Endoscopic microdiscectomy is the modern approach to repair of herniated discs,” Dr.