How long does Campagnolo EPS charge last?

How long does Campagnolo EPS charge last?

Charge time is just three hours and the Campagnolo EPS battery is built to have a life of 5,000 charge cycles. In other words, you do not need to charge the battery very often and it will probably outlast all of us.

What does Campagnolo EPS stand for?

Electronic Power Shift
After nearly twenty years of behind-the-scenes development, the Campagnolo electronically-actuated drivetrain has been launched today and it’s called EPS for Electronic Power Shift meaning that the full name of the flagship groupset including the new technology and components will be Super Record EPS.

How much is Campagnolo Super Record?

Campy Super Record EPS 12 – Actual Weights & Pricing. So Campy just launched Super Record EPS 12, and it is going to break your bank – the complete rim brake group will retail for $4292 / 4327€, and if you go for disc brakes that comes to $4636 / 4677€.

Is Campagnolo EPS electronic?

Campagnolo’s EPS electronic drivetrain introduces you to the world of cycling where mechanical components and state-of-the-art electronic technology combine to create a drivetrain that has reached levels of performance and functionality that were previously unthinkable.

How do you charge EPS super record?

The EPS system is recharged by inserting the cable of the dedicated battery charger into the connector located on the lower part of the Power Unit. It is charged directly on the bicycle and it is not possible to detach the battery and charge it when it is not on the bicycle.

How many speed is Campagnolo Super Record?

The Super Record™ 12×2-Speed groupset is the highest expression of the prestigious Italian brand’s technology and evolution. It is meant for those who want to fit their bicycle with the best the market has in terms of performance and distinction.

Does Campagnolo have wireless shifting?

Campagnolo discloses wireless front derailleurs in a similar spirit to rear units. The ‘960 application shows a battery housed on the inside area of the front derailleur.

How do I charge my Campagnolo EPS battery?

Connect the 6-pole female connector on the battery charger output cable to the connector on the EPS power system. 2) on while the battery is being charged; once the battery is fully charged, this LED turns off. GReeN led lit Battery charger is powered correctly. oRANGe led lit continuously Battery is charging.

How do you charge an EPS?

How do I charge my Campagnolo Super Record EPS?