How long do practice chanter reeds last?

How long do practice chanter reeds last?

Contrary to ‘J.C.M.’s’ quote, the average pipe chanter reed, if well maintained, can last several months or even years. If your reed is wearing out within weeks something is wrong. I have heard comments like, “My reeds only last me two weeks!” or “After a short while my reed just starts chirping on me”.

What practices chanter reed?

Practice Chanter Reeds

Practice Chanter Top Pick Other Good Reeds
Naill Poly Long Frazer Warnock Abedour, Abbott, G1, Gibson, Q1
Naill Wood Abbott Gibson, Q1, Frazer Warnock
Piper’s Choice Q1 Abedour, G1, Gibson, Frazer Warnock
Walsh Poly Q1 Abedour, G1, Frazer Warnock

How do you shave bagpipes at chanter reed?

Using the dental band, as already mentioned, is very effective. The reed being sunk to far into the chanter, try lifting the reed a fraction. Alternatively using a very sharp blade, cut a hairs width off the top of the blades. This will also raise the pitch and strengthen the reed slightly.

How do you flatten the bagpipes in chanter reed?

An alternative to modifying the reed is to tape the top of the chanter hole to flatten the note that is too sharp. If the High-A has too much “crow”, aside from just blowing through it (blowing harder) or giving a new reed some time to break-in, you can sand at the very tip of the reed as you would to flatten High-A.

Can you practice bagpipes quietly?

The bagpipes are a very limited instrument in many ways. You can’t have breaks between the notes. There’s no dynamics: you can’t play loud and then quiet. And you can’t change the timbre, [or] the flavor of the sound.

What is the best bagpipe chanter?

Naill chanters have dominated the solo pipe chanter market since the late 1970s, and have won every major solo prize available, often many times over. This chanter pitches at 479 cps or higher. It accepts a wide variety of reeds, though MacPhee, Chesney copper staple, Troy and Shepherd may be the most popular.

How long do bagpipe reeds last?

“8-12 months.” “Right around a year.” The general consensus in our informal survey seems to be that folks will assume a year, give or take, of maximum performing life for almost every chanter reed selected. Other readers might assume the same.