How long do AprilAire dehumidifiers last?

How long do AprilAire dehumidifiers last?

It is a cleanable filter and should last the lifetime of the AprilAire dehumidifier. After installation, the air filter should be cleaned every six months. The CLEAN FILTER service reminder will display on the on-board control screen every six months as a reminder.

Where is AprilAire located?

Madison, Wisconsin
AprilAire is still based in Madison, Wisconsin and remains committed to providing best-in-class Indoor Air Quality solutions through research, engineering, product refinement, and practical experience.

Are AprilAire dehumidifiers worth it?

The Aprilaire E100 Whole House Dehumidifier is another great choice for reducing particles in your home to breathe better air. Like its smaller cousin, it can be installed in the house’s existing HVAC and only requires yearly filter cleaning.

How much does a aprilaire whole house humidifier cost?

Aprilaire humidifier prices are $130 to $1,000, depending on the type. Aprilaire is a popular and highly rated brand with most models boasting dual sensors and digital controls. Steam humidifiers like the Aprilaire 800 cost $700 to $1,000 and are ideal for arid climates or homes over 3,000 square feet.

How much does an AprilAire dehumidifier cost?

between $3,000-$4,000 dollars
Cost of the Aprilaire E100 Dehumidifier Depending on the size of your home, and whether or not you have the dehumidifier attached to your ductwork or not, the cost could range between $3,000-$4,000 dollars.

How long do whole house dehumidifiers last?

around 5-10 years
How long do whole house dehumidifiers last? Whole house dehumidifiers typically last around 5-10 years.

What causes Aprilaire humidifier leak?

Replace drain line every year or as necessary. Water Panel Evaporator or scale control insert – a clogged water panel evaporator could cause the scale control insert to fill with residue and block the drain opening, causing leaking.

Why is my humidifier leaking water from the bottom?

Excess water in the humidifier is emptied out through the drain line, so if it’s clogged or blocked in any way, water will build up inside the humidifier and leak out. Damage or holes in the drain line will also cause humidifier leaks. An expert will either unclog the drain line or replace it. The solenoid valve.