How is the stock market in Asia today?

How is the stock market in Asia today?

World Markets Asian markets finished mixed as of the most recent closing prices. The Nikkei 225 gained 0.54%, while the Hang Seng led the Shanghai Composite lower. They fell 2.19% and 1.64% respectively.

Which market indices are in Asia?

Asia Stock Indexes6:19 PM EDT 7/08/22

High % Chg
Hong Kong: Hang Seng Hong Kong: Hang Seng 21961.75 0.38
India: S&P BSE Sensex India: S&P BSE Sensex 54627.14 0.56
India: S&P CNX Nifty India: S&P CNX Nifty 16275.50 0.54

Which is the best market in Asia?

While Indonesia has the best momentum now, the most interesting Southeast Asian market on a five-year view remains Vietnam. This was the best-performing market in the world in 2021 and is holding up very well so far in 2022.

What is the Chinese stock market doing right now?

Major Stock Indexes

Asia/Pacific Last Chg
Shanghai Composite Index 3,228.06 -53.68
Hang Seng Index 20,297.72 -453.49
S&P BSE Sensex Index 53,760.78 344.63
NIKKEI 225 Index 26,788.47 145.08

Why is Hong Kong market down today?

China, HK stocks drop on COVID flare-ups; energy shares tumble. China and Hong Kong stocks dropped on Wednesday as the country continued to grapple with COVID-19 flare-ups, while energy shares tracked a sell-off in the global oil market.

What is China’s stock market called?

The Shanghai Stock Exchange
The Shanghai Stock Exchange (SSE) is the largest stock exchange in mainland China. It is a nonprofit organization run by the China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC). Stocks, funds, bonds, and derivatives are all traded on the exchange.

Which is the biggest stock market in Asia?

Shanghai Stock Exchange, China.

Which country has the largest market in Asia?

#1 Asian Market for Global Expansion: Singapore Singapore is no longer just a leading market for revenue growth. In 2020, U.S. and UK tech executives named it their top market for global expansion.

Is Australia in APAC or EMEA?

Countries by region

Country code Country Region
as American Samoa APAC
at Austria EMEA
au Australia APAC
aw Aruba LATAM

Which is Asia’s largest economy?

China is the largest economy in Asia, followed by Japan, India, South Korea, and Indonesia. These five together hold a huge 76.5% share of the Asian economy.

What is China stock market called?