How heavy is a XROX Bullbar?

How heavy is a XROX Bullbar?

Improves Ground Clearance & Approach Angles. Weighs Approximately 45kg.

Is XROX ADR approved?

Born from the demands of serious off-road competition, Outback Accessories’ range of Xrox® bars delivers the results you want – serious good looks, extreme off-roading capabilities, airbag and ADR compliant and the durability that real steel and Australian design delivers.

Where are XROX bars made?

Where are XROX bull bars made? All Xrox bull bars are designed, tested and manufactured here in Australia.

Do XROX bars have recovery points?

Lighter than ‘traditional’ bullbars, but with all the strength of real deal tubular steel, XROX offers maximum versatility with six built-in recovery points (two jack points, two tow hook positions and two recovery eye locations), nine mounting points for lights, aerials and sand flags, plus provision for a low-mount …

Is a XROX Bullbar winch compatible?

Yes, all XROX bullbars are winch compatible.

Are XROX bars winch compatible?

Can you recover from a bullbar?

If you’ve got an ARB Bull Bar, you may have noticed the two holes in the plate at the front of the bar. Due to the design, you might easily mistake these as somewhere to put a shackle through for a 4WD recovery.

Do ARB bull bars have rated recovery points?

Can you use a tow hitch as a recovery point?

One of the easiest recovery points to use is the trailer or tow hitch receiver which come standard on many 4×4 applications.

Do you need two front recovery points?

It’s common to see off-road vehicles fitted with two recovery points at the front end. Two points aren’t essential, but if you can fit two to your rig (not all vehicles can be fitted), we’d recommend it.

What is clocking a winch?

When we talk about clocking, we’re talking about leaving the winch feet where they are and rotating the motor, the gearbox, or both. If you actually want to rotate where the feet mount, read about foot forward and foot down configurations first and make sure you can safely position your winch the way you want.