How fast does a CB1000R go?

How fast does a CB1000R go?

As for the power, the liquid-cooled mill churns out 143 horsepower at 10,500 rpm with a 12,000 rpm redline, and torque tops out at 8,250 rpm with 76 pound-feet on tap for a top speed around 150 mph to place the CB1000R Black Edition firmly in the stupidfast category.

Is the Honda CB1000R 2021?

The new CB1000R has a more aggressive stance for 2021, a new subframe, a new exhaust, a new 5-inch TFT dash with Bluetooth connectivity, and new and very stylish wheels….Honda CB1000R Black Edition (2021) Spec.

New price £12,999
Front suspension Showa SFF-BP USD forks
Front suspension Fully-adjustable

What BHP is a CB1000R?

Features retuned ’06 Blade motor producing 130bhp, a single sided swingarm and funky styling.

How much HP does a CB1000R have?

143 horsepower
In terms of performance, the CB1000R draws power from the same unit as last year: a 998 cc liquid-cooled inline four-cylinder engine that produces an impressive 143 horsepower and 77 lb-ft of peak torque.

Does CB1000R have abs?

The CB1000R is also available in a Combined-ABS configuration that couples the balanced braking control of a Combined Brake System with the extra reassurance of an ABS.

How much is a 2021 Honda CB1000R?

From $12,9992021 Honda CB1000R / MSRP

The 2021 Honda CB1000R Black Edition runs $12,999. The CB1000R took 2020 off, and the new Black Edition has the same MSRP as the 2019 model, which was only available in Chromosphere Red. So, you get lots of new for the same price.

How much does a Honda CB1000R cost?

$12,999Honda CB1000R / MSRP

How heavy is a Honda CB1000R?

213 kg
Show specifications

Battery Capacity (VAh) 12V/8.6AH
Fuel Tank Capacity (Litres) 16.2 L
Fuel Consumption 16.9km/L
Ground Clearance (mm) 131 mm
Kerb Weight (kg) 213 kg

Where is CB1000R made?

Honda’s CB1000R and NT700V, both big sellers in Europe, are made in Italy. The CBR250R is manufactured in Thailand.

Where is the Honda CB1000R made?

What is the Honda CB1000R Black Edition?

The Honda CB1000R has built its reputation on powerful, understated performance combined with cutting-edge Neo-Sports Café styling. And for 2021 we’ve done it one better: Introducing the CB1000R Black Edition.

Is the CB1000R Black Edition a liter-class streetfighter?

Honda ’s CB1000R Black Edition is the sensible liter-class streetfighter. Not for Honda are the wild excesses of a KTM 1290 Super Duke R or the Ducati Streetfighter V4. No, Honda seems to declaim with this bike, you don’t need all the horsepower of a liter-class race replica.

What does the Honda Black Edition have to offer?

But there are some tasty machined highlights too—like the touches you’ll see on the handlebar clamp, swingarm pivot plates, and wheel spokes, all of which give the Black Edition a hand-crafted, custom look. Other upgrades include a new digital instrument display, seat cowl, under-seat USB port, and a new quick shifter too.