How far is Madrid Centre from the airport?

How far is Madrid Centre from the airport?

17 km
Yes, the driving distance between Madrid Airport (MAD) to Madrid City Center is 17 km. It takes approximately 19 min to drive from Madrid Airport (MAD) to Madrid City Center.

How much is a taxi from Madrid airport to city center?

Taxi fare from Madrid Airport to the city centre A taxi from Madrid airport to city centre is charged on a flat fee of 30€ (day & night). However, If your destination is outside the city ring, you will pay what is written on the taximeter. Make sure that the taximeter is reset when you get into the taxi.

How much is Uber from Madrid airport to city center?

Uber charges from €15 to €29 for the transfer from Madrid’s Barajas international airport and the city centre, depending on the vehicle used. Standard taxi fares for the same trip are fixed at €30. Uber also offers a discount of 50 per cent on travel to or from the main train and bus stations.

What is there to do in Madrid airport for 6 hours?

7 things to do on a layover at Madrid Barajas Airport

  1. Enjoy a meal. Start your layover with a meal.
  2. Relax in a lounge. Airport lounges are no longer the exclusive enclave of First and Business Class flyers.
  3. Go shopping.
  4. Take a shower.
  5. Go sightseeing.
  6. WiFi.
  7. Sleep.

Is Madrid expensive to visit?

Prices in Madrid are slightly less expensive than in most European cities, especially compared to towns like Florence, Amsterdam or Vienna. In Spain’s capital, it is relatively easy to find a good hotel for an affordable price and the public transport system is inexpensive.

How can I sleep in Madrid airport?

Madrid Barajas Airport offers a few comfortable rest areas in Terminal 4S, just past Gate 17. Two islands have 6 padded reclining chairs each, fitted with lamps, power outlets, and USB ports. The spot has a little barrier wall to provide some privacy.

What is the best way to get from Madrid airport to city?

You can take a taxi from Madrid airport to city centre! With this option, the Madrid airport to city center taxi price will be between 30 and 40 euros, depending on the traffic and the area of Madrid in which you are staying. The distance from Madrid Airport to city centre is about 30 minutes if there’s no traffic.

Are taxis safe in Madrid?

Madrid taxis are safe to hail and use both during the day and night, during the night it is safer to call for a taxi instead of hailing one from the street.

How many days is good for Madrid?

With up to six days you can experience Spain’s capital plus travel even further outside the city. If you want, you could take a family vacation and split your time between Spain’s capital and Barcelona. Regardless, spend the first couple days exploring historic Madrid.

Which is the best area to stay in Madrid?

The best area to stay in Madrid is hands down Distrito Centro, especially if it’s your first time visiting the city. Madrid’s City Centre includes six different barrios including the Old Town and the nightlife hotspots of Malasaña & Chueca and is home to the city’s main cultural and historic attractions.