How does wikibooks work?

How does wikibooks work?

Wikibooks is a collaborative book authoring website, where users from all over the world work together to write textbooks and other types of instructional books on many topics. It is a Wikimedia project, operated by the same group of people who run Wikipedia, the Wikimedia Foundation.

Who runs Wiktionary?

Wikimedia Foundation

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Available in Multilingual (159 active)
Owner Wikimedia Foundation
Created by Jimmy Wales and the Wikimedia community

Is Wikiversity reliable?

As content of a wiki that anyone can edit, a Wikiversity page is not identified as a reliable source in Wikipedia. Therefore, usage of Wikiversity as a reference in Wikipedia is almost always not advisable.

How good is Wiktionary?

In essence, going from most reliable and thorough and narrow to most unreliable, shallow and broad; Wiktionary is a step in the middle of that route and a good choice if it’s to be your one-stop resource, but not the best if you actually want to research given word.

Is this park travel guide to Stonehenge a usable article?

This park travel guide to Stonehenge is a usable article. It has information about the park, for getting in, about a few attractions, and about accommodations in the park. An adventurous person could use this article, but please feel free to improve it by editing the page.

Where can I buy souvenirs at Stonehenge?

Souvenirs are available to paying visitors at the English Heritage shop at Stonehenge, although a wider range of merchandise can be obtained from Salisbury. For those wanting something a little different, Stonehenge Lamb is available to buy from local farmers.

How do I get to Stonehenge from Amesbury?

The town of Amesbury is served by three routes – “x5” from Swindon, “activ8” from Andover, and “x4”. From Amesbury, it’s a 2 mi (3.2 km) walk across the countryside to Stonehenge. Along the route are some other prehistoric structures.