How does real time bus tracking work?

How does real time bus tracking work?

By using modern, GPS-enabled software systems combined with hardware like a tracking device installed within buses as well as apps installed on phones of users (e.g. drivers), a “real-time” bus tracking system can monitor the movement of buses on a map.

What is tracking on a school bus?

The school bus GPS tracking system allows the school and parents to gain visibility, safety and control into the GPS location of the school buses along with arrival and departure times at every stop along the route, including how long the bus spent at any stop, pick up and drop off of students and alerting if buses are …

How many types of tracking are there?

Three Types of Tracking Satellite-based GPS Vehicle tracking. Cell-Based GPS vehicle tracking.

How does vehicle tracking system work?

It uses Global Positioning Systems (GPS satellites) to know the vehicle or equipment’s location at all times. The information that is gathered from the vehicle is then stored on the device inside. The data is then transmitted by using a wireless, or cellular network through providers like AT and Verizon.

Why do we need bus tracking system?

With GPS bus tracking systems, you can stagger buses on a single route while monitoring traffic conditions and minimizing wait times for passengers at bus stops.

Why is a bus app important?

The school management application’s bus tracking feature allows knowing the route of the bus, real-time bus tracking, and other important details of the driver. With this tracking, the management and parents can get quick alerts about speeding issues or if any unexpected event occurs.

How do I track my Kaveri bus?

K Kaveri Travels Bus Live Tracking You can use our live bus tracking feature to know exactly where the bus is and when it is estimated to arrive at the bus stop. Live bus tracking can help you plan how to reach the boarding point in a few minutes before the bus arrives at your bus stop or boarding point.

How can I track my school bus by GPS?


  1. TrackSchoolBus. This bus tracking system provides live location updates of the school bus location at any point of time.
  2. School Bus Tracker. This app is easy to use and parents can use their mobile phones to track bus location.
  3. Seon.
  4. Versatrans My Stop.
  5. Treker.
  6. Trace School Bus.
  7. TripSpark.

How do I log into VST my stop?

Enter your username and password to log in • Login credentials are determined by the school district – you will receive the username and password via a communication mailed to your home address from the transportation department.

What are the 3 kinds of tracking?

These are: Satellite-based GPS Vehicle tracking. Cell-Based GPS vehicle tracking. Cellular-phone based GPS.

What are the benefits of vehicle tracking system?

5 Benefits of GPS Tracking

  • Improved Safety. The safety of your drivers is no doubt a top priority for your organization.
  • Minimize Fuel Costs.
  • Lower Operational Costs.
  • Increased Productivity.
  • Theft Recovery.

How do bus tracking apps work?

GPS devices are placed in the buses, and these devices stream their real time location on to a map. On the basis of this stream of data, the ETA’s are computed for every stop. The transit app user simply enters his destination into a trip planner to see all routes and trip options, along with speed and price details.

Is Chalo app accurate?

33, said, “I tried using the ‘Chalo’ app today, it is similar to the travelling routes which Google displays on the internet, so I compared them both and realised that the buses on the ‘Chalo’ app are more updated and the tracking of the buses is very accurate on the app.”