How does Guinsoo Rageblade work?

How does Guinsoo Rageblade work?

What does Guinsoo’s Rageblade do? Unique – WRATH: Deal 2 bonus physical damage on-hit for every 1% critical strike chance, up to 200 bonus physical damage on-hit at 100% critical strike chance, but you can no longer critically strike.

Can you still crit with Rageblade?

New Effect: On-hit damage is now capped at 100% critical strike chance.

Does Guinsoos work on Caitlyn?

Why doesn’t it work with Caitlyn’s passive? Because Guinsoo’s modifies on-hit effects while Headshot is an on-attack effect. This is also why it doesn’t work with Runaan’s any more. I’d say Caitlyn’s and Diana’s passives are nearly identical, the only difference being the number of stacks before an empowered attack.

Is Rageblade good on Yi?

Wit’s end, titanic and bork provide utility/defenses/lifesteal/waveclear alongside damage. However, even at doing damage, rageblade is not better than other items, therefore it is worthless garbage that you should never build. On-hit Yi is fine, just replace rageblade with any other item.

Does Rageblade work with Sunfire?

Notice that Sunfire Aegis’s Flametouch passive interacts with Rageblade’s Seething Strike passive as intended (after a 0.15 second delay, a second Flametouch explodes from Elise on her third melee basic attack).

Does Guinsoo work on UDYR?

Guinsoo’s Rageblade will reduce this number to every 2nd attack, with Udyr’s attack animations coded to “look ahead” and trigger the empowered-attack animation if he attacks a target while at 1 stack while Guinsoo’s Rage is active. The empowered attack will not trigger against structures.

Does Rageblade work on UDYR?

Is Sunfire a mythic?

Notes. Sunfire Aegis’ mythic passive can grant up to 250 bonus health and 25% tenacity and slow resist with 5 other Legendary items. default damage, and thus they will not trigger spell effects.

Does Flametouch stack?

UNIQUE – FLAMETOUCH: At maximum stacks, your basic attacks explode around you, burning nearby enemies for your current Immolate damage for 3 seconds. Lethal Tempo: Basic attacks on-attack against enemy champions grant a stack for 6 seconds, stacking up to 6 times.

How much damage does Sunfire aegis do?

Deal 12−30 (+1% bonus health) magic damage every second to enemies within 325 units (+100% bonus size), increased by 25% against minions and 150% against monsters (depending on level). This executes minions that would be killed by one more tick of damage.

Which Dragon does the most damage League?

The Dragon Pit also gains a small wall outside of its entrance which blocks vision. Attacking Style: The Mountain Drake attacks the slowest out of any Elemental Drake, but it deals damage in an area and also deals the most damage per attack. It also has the highest armour and magic resistance of any Dragon.

Who deals the most damage in lol?

Highest % physical damage

Champion Role % Physical
Wukong Top 93.2
Graves ADC 92.6
Jinx ADC 91.8
Zed Mid 90.8

What champion does the most true damage?

While it turns out Olaf does the highest % true damage it seems gwen has a slight edge when it comes to the amount of true damage. These numbers are all subject to change and this was only done in the spirit of memes. Have a good day! Edit: corrected table with more champions and an explantion for what 1 Vel’koz is.