How do you write a 4th step inventory?

How do you write a 4th step inventory?

A Fearless Inventory The program member must see his or her inventory on paper in front of them to ensure thoroughness and coherence in their thoughts about themselves and others. The 4th Step inventory should contain three critical parts: resentments, fears, and sexual conduct/harm done to others.

What page is the 4th step on in the big book?

FOURTH STEP INVENTORY: PEOPLE WE HAVE HARMED Big Book, page 70, paragraph 3 “We have listed the people we have hurt by our conduct, and are willing to straighten out the past if we can.”

What are the parts of step 4?

Step Four of AA’s Twelve-Step Program of recovery is infamously the “scary” one, probably because it’s a crucial step towards effective and lasting recovery….Breaking Down Step Four Of AA Alcoholics Anonymous

  • Fear.
  • Pride.
  • Resentments/Anger.
  • Self-will and self-pity.
  • Guilt/shame.
  • Relationships.
  • Sex/Abuse.
  • Secrets.

How do you take personal inventory?

Follow these three steps for a comprehensive personal inventory, and start working toward your goals with a new spring in your step.

  1. Identify areas you’d like to work on. Photo: Kelli Stirrett on Unsplash.
  2. Take a personality test.
  3. Conduct an interest inventory.

How do you write a fear inventory?

At the end of your inventory, write a prayer to release these fears and to ask for what you want in their place. Write something like, “Spirit (or god, or higher self, whatever works for you), please help me release these fears so that I and this person can live in more harmony and love.”

What are some examples of fear?

List of phobias

anthropophobia fear of people or society
aphenphosmphobia fear of being touched
arachnophobia fear of spiders
arithmophobia fear of numbers

How do you write fear inventory?

What is a daily inventory?

The Item Daily Inventory screen shows the inventory quantity for each day and allows you to customize inventory quantities on a per-date and per-date-range basis.

How do you start the 4th step?

As such, one way to approach the 4th step is to list memories of people; institutions or organizations; principles, ideas, or beliefs; and events, situations or circumstances that have produced negative feelings (anger, bitterness, resentment, etc.).

What is the step 4 prayer?

Fourth Step Prayer Dear God, It is I who has made my life a mess. I have done it, but I cannot undo it. I will begin a searching & fearless moral inventory.

What is an example of a 4th step inventory?

4th Step Inventory Examples 1 Resentment Inventory Example. The resentment inventory is often the biggest part of the process, and what most people think of when they think of the 4th step inventory. 2 Fear Example. The fear inventory is the second part of the inventory. 3 Sex Example.

What are the 3 parts of the fourth step?

There are three parts to the fourth step: the resentment inventory, fear inventory, and sex inventory. These three different inventories are meant to look at three places in our lives where we experience and cause suffering, and help us to look deeply at where we have room to grow. 4th Step Inventory Examples

What is the resentment inventory?

The resentment inventory is often the biggest part of the process, and what most people think of when they think of the 4th step inventory. In the resentment inventory, we look at where we have resentments, what these resentments impact, and where our part is in the experience.

What does optional mean in the fourth step inventory?

FOURTH STEP INVENTORY TheseFourth Stepworksheets use the wording from Alcoholics Anonymous(the Big Book) pages 63-71. Text in italicsis quoted from the Big Book. When the word “optional” is used in the worksheets, it means that the Big Book suggests doing this but does not suggest writing anything down.