How do you use your friends IP in agar io?

How do you use your friends IP in agar io?

If you want your friends to join, you need to do this :

  1. Go to
  2. You see your ip address. Add 4545 or 443 and copy it into address bar.
  3. Before the address, put ip=[your ip address] (example : ip=198.142. 176.95:4545; fake ip)
  4. Send that link to your friends and enjoy playing!

What server does Agar IO use? uses a classical client-server model. Clients connect to a server. They then can send messages to the server and receive messages from the server – and vice versa. Clients do not communicate with other clients directly but always use the server as a „man in the middle“.

Why can’t I join my friends party?

Why can’t I join my friend’s party? You will only be able to join a party if it is hosted on the same server as you. In case your friends are hosted on a different server, you won’t be able to join in.

What is written in?

Written in JavaScript and C++, the game was developed in a few days. The game originally did not have a name, and users had to connect to Valadares’ IP addresses in order to play. The name was suggested by an anonymous user on 4chan, as other domain names such as were already taken.

Is deleted? is dead.

How do you make an Agario party?

Party Mode in

  1. If you choose to create a new party, you’ll be given a code that you may share with your friends.
  2. On the other hand, if you want to join a party you’ll just need to paste you friend’s code and jump in!
  3. Frequently Asked Questions. Why can’t I join my friend’s party?

How do you eject macros in Agario?

On the browser version of the game, “W” is the default key to eject mass, while on mobile press the button with a shooting cursor below the two cells button (split button). On the mobile version there is also “macro ejecting”, which is a hack that allows much faster ejecting.