How do you use Baidu Maps?

How do you use Baidu Maps?

You just need to use Baidu Maps!

  1. For subway line: enter the line number + “haoxian”
  2. For bus line: enter bus number + “lu”
  3. Choose the 1st choice, or one that looks correct.
  4. Now you can see the entire route, and timetable in both directions.
  5. Click here to find out where is the nearest bus station.

What is API map Baidu Com?

Baidu Maps is the most used web map service in China. It offers features like satellite imagery, street maps, street view, and even indoor view but it is available only in the Chinese language. To access Baidu APIs, you will need to register as a developer and create a valid API Key.

What maps do Chinese people use?

Baidu Maps and Gaode Maps are two popular local map apps in China. While they are good, they only have Chinese versions. If you don’t feel overwhelmed by the amount of Chinese characters, however, you can use them during your travels in China.

Is it safe to use Baidu?

Baidu is as safe to its users as Google is to its users. The company states that the privacy and security of its customers are of great importance. 7 Their privacy statement advises how information can be collected and used and how users can protect their privacy and restrict the sharing of their information.

How do I get street view on Baidu Maps?

On the top left you’ll see the search field (red box). On the bottom right you can choose between the different view types: Street Map (green box), Satellite View (yellow box) and Total View (purple box). It is best to search with Chinese search terms when using Baido.

How do I get my Baidu Map API key?

How to generate API key for Baidu Maps

  1. Login screen. Open API console as shown below:
  2. API Console. Click “Create Application” to start applying for the key, as shown below:
  3. Fill in following details: Registering for the API key. Name of application (应用名称) Type of application (应用类型) Select options from checkboxes.

What is the best map for China?

The most reliable and best Google Maps alternative in China is Baidu Maps. This is the app that most Chinese people use. Baidu Maps Advantages: Baidu Maps is the most up-to-date maps app for China. It’s also free!

Why all maps of China are wrong?

The short answer is that China does not use the same GPS standard as the rest of the world to plot coordinates on a map. Since maps of China use a different standard than the one used by GPS it causes the GPS coordinates to appear off, sometimes by a large amount, and this is known as the China GPS shift problem.

Why does China not allow Street View?

The reason why maps of China are so odd is because the Chinese government considers geographic information about the People’s Republic of China to be a matter of national security, so private surveying and mapping activities are illegal in mainland China and have been since 2002.

How can I register in Baidu map?

Open a Baidu account by registering via the Baidu Cloud Login

  1. Navigate directly to the Baidu Cloud registration page.
  2. Again, you’ll enter your country code and mobile phone number and then choose ‘send dynamic password’.
  3. Next, a pop-up button will appear to let you know you need to register this new number.

Why Every map of China is just slightly wrong?