How do you sort by ascending and descending in SQL?

How do you sort by ascending and descending in SQL?

The ORDER BY statement in SQL is used to sort the fetched data in either ascending or descending according to one or more columns. By default ORDER BY sorts the data in ascending order. We can use the keyword DESC to sort the data in descending order and the keyword ASC to sort in ascending order.

How do I sort in ascending order in SQL query?


  1. ORDER BY. The ORDER BY command is used to sort the result set in ascending or descending order.
  2. ASC. The ASC command is used to sort the data returned in ascending order.
  3. DESC. The DESC command is used to sort the data returned in descending order.

Is alphabetical order ascending or descending SQL?

SQL Order by Alphabetical can be done on character-based column values using simply ORDER BY clause in ascending order. In SQL, various clauses can be used with the SELECT clause to achieve some specific functionality or make the resultset to be retrieved in a particular format.

How do I get alphabetical order in SQL?

“sql query to get data in alphabetical order” Code Answer’s

  1. SELECT id,
  2. first_name,
  3. last_name,
  4. FROM customer.
  5. ORDER BY last_name ASC;

Can I create a table name order in SQL?

As you know, order is a keyword in MySQL, you cannot give table name order directly. You need to use backtick around the table name order. Backtick allow a user to consider the keyword as table or column name. Insert some records in the table using insert command.

How does multiple ORDER BY work in SQL?

If you specify multiple columns, the result set is sorted by the first column and then that sorted result set is sorted by the second column, and so on. The columns that appear in the ORDER BY clause must correspond to either column in the select list or columns defined in the table specified in the FROM clause.

Can we use two ORDER BY in SQL?

Discussion: If you want to select records from a table but would like to see them sorted according to two columns, you can do so with ORDER BY . This clause comes at the end of your SQL query. After the ORDER BY keyword, add the name of the column by which you’d like to sort records first (in our example, salary).

Can I have 2 ORDER BY in SQL?

SQL ORDER BY Multiple Columns However we can use multiple columns in ORDER BY clause. When multiple columns are used in ORDER BY, first the rows will be sorted based on the first column and then by the second column.

What is meant by ORDER BY 1 in SQL?

it simply means sorting the view or table by 1st column of query’s result.