How do you sort a table column in HTML using jQuery?

How do you sort a table column in HTML using jQuery?

Click on the column headers to sort ascending, and again to sort descending.

  1. Works in Chrome, Firefox, Opera AND IE(8)
  2. Only uses JQuery.
  3. Does alpha and numeric sorting – ascending and descending.

How do you sort a table by column in HTML?

How to Make Sortable Tables. Adding the “sortable” class to a

element provides support for sorting by column value

How do I sort in MySQL?


  1. Use the ORDER BY clause to sort the result set by one or more columns.
  2. Use the ASC option to sort the result set in ascending order and the DESC option to sort the result set in descending order.
  3. The ORDER BY clause is evaluated after the FROM and SELECT clauses.
  4. In MySQL, NULL is lower than non-NULL values.

How do I sort by alphabetical order in jquery?

Put the list in an array, use JavaScript’s . sort() , which is by default alphabetical, then convert the array back to a list.

How do I sort by alphabetical order in JavaScript?

JavaScript Array sort() The sort() sorts the elements of an array. The sort() overwrites the original array. The sort() sorts the elements as strings in alphabetical and ascending order.

How do I arrange a table in ascending order in SQL?

The ORDER BY statement in SQL is used to sort the fetched data in either ascending or descending according to one or more columns.

  1. By default ORDER BY sorts the data in ascending order.
  2. We can use the keyword DESC to sort the data in descending order and the keyword ASC to sort in ascending order.

How do you sort data in SQL without ORDER BY?

4 Answers

  1. Use XML output and apply server-side XSLT transformation (through CLR for instance) with .
  2. Use stored procedure to produce sorted list in one text return value.
  3. Write own SQL proxy client replacing — HIDDEN MESSAGE with ORDER BY .

How do I sort alphabetically in html?

To show that list in a alphabetical order (ascending or descending order) in our HTML page using JavaScript we can use following block of code:

  1. function SortList(elementId) {
  2. var mylist = $(“#” + elementId);
  3. $(mylist).
  4. var compFirst = $(item1).
  5. var compSecond = $(item2).
  6. if (!((
  7. return (compFirst < compSecond)? –
  8. }

How do I display a column in ascending order?

How do I display column values in ascending order?

Syntax – Rows in Ascending Order To sort rows of a result set in ascending order of values in a column, use the syntax of the following SQL Query. SELECT * FROM table_name ORDER BY column_name [ASC]; If you use ORDER BY column_name, by default, the rows are sorted in the ascending order of the column names.

How do you sorting of data in the table in ascending and descending order using a query?

If you want to sort some of the data in ascending order and other data in descending order, then you would have to use the ASC and DESC keywords. SELECT * FROM table ORDER BY column1 ASC, column2 DESC; That is how to use the ORDER BY clause in SQL to sort data in ascending order.