How do you see how many hours you have on VATSIM?

How do you see how many hours you have on VATSIM?

Tom Szczypinski You can find all of your stats in the VATSIM Statistics Centre. Go to your profile, and you’ll be able to see a summary of your hours. For a more detailed view, scroll all to the bottom where it will show you when and on what callsign you gained those hours.

Who is online VATSIM?

VATSIM is a network of online simulator pilots and air traffic controllers. Microsoft Flight Simulator has teased a partnership with the Virtual Air Traffic Simulation Network, or VATSIM (opens in new tab), for the release of the upcoming new edition of the simulator (opens in new tab) on August 18.

Do you have to pay for VATSIM?

Either Microsoft Flight Simulator X or X-Plane or the new one from Lockheed which is called Prepar3D. There’s another one called Microsoft FSX Steam version. You’ve got 4 choices and each one is only going to cost you $65 or so. From then on everything on VATSIM is free.”

What is Vatstar?

VATSTAR is an online flight school teaching members all around the world the basics of flying using Flight Simulators and the VATSIM network. We are able to do this 100% free thanks to the help of many eager volunteers and generous donors.

How do I become a Vatsim controller?

In order to join the ‘New Controller TG’: Login to the Central Training System (CTS) via VATSIM SSO (Single Sign-On); In the ‘Students’ menu, under the blue bar labelled ‘Group’ select ‘Choose Home’ (for some members, this may show as ‘Transfer’). On that page, select ‘New Controller’ and click ‘Request’.

Does VATSIM ATC get paid?

Air Traffic Controllers are paid employees, and operate the server 24 hours a day on a roster.

What does Ivao stand for?

International Virtual Aviation Organisation

Abbreviation IVAO VzW
Purpose Provide an environment for a realistic flight and Air Traffic Control simulation via the Internet
Services Free – Open to the Public
Membership 240,000+
President Craig Tyler

What is VATSIM velocity?

After a successful deployment, Velocity is now available for everyone to use. Before the Velocity update, VATSIM clients will pull data from the server and update aircraft positions every five seconds. With the development of Velocity, these updates will occur up to five times every second.

Does VATSIM work with fs2020 on Xbox?

VATSIM congratulates our friends at Microsoft and Asobo Studios on their long anticipated release of Microsoft Flight Simulator for the Xbox. However due to many factors, including technology limitations, VATSIM will not be compatible with the Xbox platform for the foreseeable future.

What do PilotEdge controllers see?

Pilots use software that connects their existing flight simulator to the PilotEdge servers. Our controllers are located all over the country and use software that emulates the various radar scopes used in the real-world. They connect to that same network, allowing them to see the pilots on their scopes.

Is Ivao better than Vatsim?

I use them both and they are both good. To be any controller on vatsim you have to have training and pass exams. On ivao if you want to be controller you can start at some airports after reading the docs. You get more people on vatsim.