How do you reset a Zanussi washing machine?

How do you reset a Zanussi washing machine?

Resetting guide: Press the two buttons at the top (soak and pre-wash). At the same time, turn the cycle selector counter-clockwise to the delicate spin cycle. Then release the two buttons and continue turning the selector counter-clockwise all the way round to off (almost one full turn). Try to wash normally.

What is Zanussi Jetsystem?

The Jetsystem wash technology saves you energy and water based on your wash load size, providing the cleanest, most economical and efficient performance. Wash the smallest laundry loads without wasting time or money. The Jetsystem adjusts water, energy consumption and cycle time to suit your laundry load.

How do you reset Zanussi washing machine zwt71201wa?

Step 1 Zanussi Washing Machine Fault Code Reset

  1. Turn the dial to off.
  2. Press and hold together the start button (the one with the green arrow) and the button to the left of it.
  3. While holding, turn the Programme Dial 1 ‘click’ clockwise(to 90 degrees temp).

What does E20 mean on Zanussi washing machine?

a draining issue
E20 error code indicates a draining issue. In case you need to move your appliance to perform the suggested steps, make sure the appliance is levelled when finished. Likely causes.

Why is my Zanussi washing machine not working?

If the appliance is still dead, unplug the appliance again and check the fuse in the plug. If no method of checking the fuse exists, replace it with a known working 13 Amp fuse. Then try the appliance again.

How do I fix E20 error on my Zanussi washing machine?


  1. Ensure correct position of the drain hose.
  2. Ensure correct drain height.
  3. Clean the pump and filter.
  4. Check for blocked drain.
  5. Check the drainage hose for possible kink or twist.
  6. Use less soap powder.
  7. Switch off the power to the machine.
  8. Contact an Authorized Service Centre.

How do I find my Zanussi error code?

Error codes on Zanussi washing machines will be displayed in two different ways. If your machine has an LCD display you’ll see the letter E (E is for Error) followed by two numbers. If your machine has no LCD display however, combinations of LEDs on your machine will flash.

Are Zanussi reliable?

some of the most reliable makes of washing machine are AEG, Bosch, Siemens, Zanussi and Miele.

Does my Zanussi washing machine have a filter?

If you have a Built-in / Integrated Zanussi Washing Machine The filter is located here – this will be behind the kickboard which will need to be lowered to access the filter. Place a bowl on the floor where the filter is (to catch water) and keep a cloth or towel nearby also.

How do you deep clean a Zanussi washing machine?

Empty any water out of the machine by opening the drain hose next to the filter. Remove the filter by turning it anti-clockwise (several times firmly by hand). Clean the filter and pump housing under running water and refit the filter. Close the drain hose and put it back in its original place.