How do you pronounce Jetton Park?

How do you pronounce Jetton Park?

Even to this day, members of the Jetton family in the United States continue to pronounce the name in the original French, with the accent on the second syllable: je-TUN.

Can you swim in Jetton Park?

The beach is of course always a hit attraction for anyone with little ones, as well as the perfect place to kick back with a good book for some peace and quiet. While its pristine white sand is incredibly inviting, swimming is prohibited for the time being. Jetton Park will surely keep you busy for at least a day.

How many acres is Jetton Park?

Jetton Park at Lake Norman Cornelius NC This 105-acre lakefront park offers opportunities for the entire family.

Can you drink alcohol on Lake Norman?

Beer and unfortified wine are allowed on any vessel, but mixed beverages, spirituous liquor, and fortified wine are only allowed on a vessel which can be considered to be a secondary residence. No littering. There is no discharging of holding tanks allowed into the Lake.

Is swimming in Lake Norman safe?

Lake Norman, Mountain Island Lake and Lake Wylie are all considered suitable for swimming.

How long is Jetton Park Trail?

Jetton Park Loop

Distance Elevation
0.83 miles
0.83 miles 762 ft
0.86 miles 763 ft
0.86 miles

Who drowned in Lake Norman?

N.C. Wildlife officials identified him as 32-year-old Kadeem McGrier, of South Carolina.

Why can you drink on a boat but not in a car?

In a car, it is illegal to drink while driving and it’s illegal to have any open container of alcohol. These rules are not true on boats. You are allowed to have open containers of alcohol, your passengers can drink, and even the person piloting the boat can drink as long as they don’t meet the criterion for DUI.

Are dogs allowed at Ramsey Creek Park?

Ramsey Creek Park at Lake Norman NC This 46-acre waterfront park welcomes families and individuals. It features a swimming area, boat launching and docks, a playground, picnic shelters, nature trails, fishing pier, enclosed dog park and a volleyball court.

Can you drink glass bottles on a boat?

While it isn’t illegal to drink alcohol on a boat, it is against the law to operate a vessel while under the influence of intoxicating liquor or drugs. The blood alcohol limit for boating is the same as that for driving a car – 0.08%.

Can you be drunk in charge of a boat?

Answer for Drink Driving on the Thames Thames Byelaws 2012 – River Byelaw 9 makes it an offence for the master of a vessel to navigate the vessel whilst unfit by reason of drink or drugs.

Are there alligators on Lake Norman?

Late in 2000, reports of alligators in Lake Norman began to surface. Later that year, video of a 5-6′ alligator in Lake Norman was released to the local news. Two different alligators were spotted in the lake.

Is it safe for dogs to swim in Lake Norman?

Your pet is more than welcome to join you in Lake Norman State Park provided they’re on a leash of no longer than six feet and under your control at all times. However, pets are not allowed in the swim area, beach buildings, or adjacent grassy hillsides, and must never be left unattended.

Do you have to pay to get into Ramsey Creek park?

Walk-in $5 dollars per individual (14 years and older), paid at the entrance of the Park $3 dollars per individual (Children 6 – 13 years old), paid at the entrance of the Park Free for Children 6 years old and under.