How do you pay for Supra eKEY?

How do you pay for Supra eKEY?

  1. Supra® eKEY Payment Management.
  2. Using the Payment Management Feature in eKEY.
  4. 877-699-6787 • © 2020 Carrier. All rights reserved.
  5. Tap the More icon on the lower right corner of the screen.
  7. 877-699-6787 • © 2020 Carrier.
  8. Tap the More icon on the lower right corner of screen.

How do I log into supra eKEY?

Obtain an authorization code from Mobile SupraWEB:

  1. On your smartphone, navigate to If the eKEY app is installed, you may also select the SupraWEB icon.
  2. Enter your key serial number, PIN, and select your association/MLS from the dropdown list.
  3. Select Login.
  4. Select Authorization Code.

Is supra eKEY free?

Select Search and search for Supra eKEY. Select the Supra eKEY application. Select the FREE button and then select INSTALL.

How much is a supra eKEY?

COST: eKEY service is a monthly fee of $15.85, and a $50 activation fee is required to start or restart a key account with Supra. Monthly fee will be pulled from an account on file with Supra.

What is the PIN code for Supra eKEY?

0000 passcode
Enter the 0000 passcode. The eKEY Fob allows the eKEY application on the Apple device to communicate with a keybox using infrared (classic iBox).

What is supra eKEY for?

The Supra eKEY® app runs on popular smartphones and include PIN-code security. The keys record events each time a keybox is opened. Supra electronic keyboxes have been used on millions of homes. Current models of keyboxes can be opened using Bluetooth or infrared signals.

How do I get a key serial number and PIN for Supra?

If you need to call Supra’s call center for assistance with your Supra key, you will be asked to provide your eKEY serial number. To locate your eKEY serial number, open the eKEY app on your smartphone or tablet.

What is my Supra PIN code?

Can non Realtors use Supra?

Supra has secure access for non-Association members to access residential properties with authorized access from a Supra keyholder, which is available via Bluetooth keyboxes through a tablet or smartphone for a limited time of 2-to-72 hours.

Who owns Supra eKEY?

Carrier Global Corporation
Based in Salem, Oregon, USA, Supra is part of Carrier Global Corporation.

How do I open a Supra iBox without a key?

Open the eKEY app on your smartphone, select Activate eKEY and enter the authorization code. Each time a Supra user grants you permission to open an iBox BT you will receive a text message and email notifying you of the address, listing ID, and hours you are eligible to access the iBox BT.

Can you have Supra eKEY on two phones?

Can I use my eKEY app on multiple smart devices? No. For security reasons, Supra doesn’t allow the eKEY app to be used on multiple devices.

Who owns supra eKEY?

What is my PIN for Supra eKEY?

Can I have Supra key on two phones?

No. For security reasons, Supra doesn’t allow the eKEY app to be used on multiple devices.

Can I open Supra box remotely?

Can I have supra eKEY on multiple devices?

Can I open Supra iBox remotely?

A Supra keyholder can invite you to access their Bluetooth® iBox™ (the iBox BT) using your smartphone. You will receive a text message on your smartphone when a Supra user invites you to access their iBox BT. Select the link in the text message and follow the instructions to download the eKEY app and register.