How do you open a Hobby Lobby floating frame?

How do you open a Hobby Lobby floating frame?

Inside the frame, there are two pieces of clear glass that you can place a photo in between. On the back side, remove two screws to open up the frame. After you have access to the two glass panes, slide a photo inside!

What are standard frame and mat sizes?

Standard Frame Sizes

Frame Size Mat Opening Image Size
8″ x 10″ 4.5″ x 6.5″ 5″ x 7″
11″ x 14″ 7.5″ x 9.5″ 8″ x 10″
16″ x 20″ 10.5″ x 13.5″ 11″ x 14″
20″ x 24″ 15.5″ x 19.5″ 16″ x 20″

What can I do with backless frames?

Using backless frames is a great way to create a collage on your wall, decorate your fireplace mantel, or decorate any table space you may have.

  1. Whitewashing your frame will create a vintage or farmhouse look.
  2. Painting old frames is a great way to refurbish them and completely change their look.

What is the best wood for picture frames?

The most common soft hardwoods used in picture framing are basswood, ramin, obeche and mahogany. The most common dense hardwoods are oak, walnut, cherry and ash. The most common truly soft softwoods are pine, redwood and cedar.

What is the back of a picture frame called?

Backing Board
Backing Board – The board on the back of the framed picture used to keep the glass, picture and mount etc. in place.

What is an open back frame?

Open Back Frames are meant to be hung on the wall and are sold as just the frame face and display a finished piece of artwork! Elegant or simple style open back frames! High-end custom mouldings to easily frame your portraits and paintings.

What is the largest mat board size?

Large works of art need generously sized mat boards. American Frame’s selection of oversized mat boards can be cut to a maximum of 38″ x 58″.