How do you make a snow globe out of plates?

How do you make a snow globe out of plates?

Using Elmer’s glue or hot glue, place the plastic plate on top of the light blue plate upside down. Make sure every edge of the plate is glued down to prevent any snow from coming out. Let it dry. Give it a shake and watch the plastic plate snow globe come to life!

How do you make a paper sun plate?

  1. Paper-plate sun craft equipment…
  2. How to make a paper-plate sun…
  3. With the fold at the top, draw a triangle on the front, then using scissors cut out the triangle and you’ll be left with lots of lovely, equal-sized triangles.
  4. Stick the sun rays on to the back of the paper plate using glue stick.

How do you make a snow globe?

No sense in buying a new one, if there’s already something at home!

  1. Put glue on the inside of the jar’s lid. Place and stick your child’s plastic figurine on it.
  2. Fill the jar with cold water.
  3. Add 1-2 teaspoons of glitter and stir.
  4. Add a few drops of glycerin.
  5. Screw the lid on the jar.
  6. That’s it!

How do you make paper snow globe ornaments?


  1. Open a laminating sheet and trace the printable template circles on it. You can fit about 4 per sheet.
  2. Paint one side near the bottom for the snow.
  3. Cut out the image of the child (cut close with no background).
  4. Punch a hole in the top for string.
  5. Give as a gift or hang on the Christmas tree!

What to make using old CDs?

  1. Use an old CD as the template for a perfect circle.
  2. Cover old CDs with felt and use them as coasters.
  3. Use old CDs to catch candle drips.
  4. Make artistic bowls from old CDs.
  5. Use old CDs as sidewalk or driveway reflectors.
  6. Use an old CD as the basis for a kids’ craft.
  7. Use old CDs as holiday ornaments.

What liquid goes in a snow globe?

One of the secret ingredients to any snow globe is glycerin, a clear liquid typically made from vegetable oils, which is widely used to slow down the effect of shaken water and glitter, to the effect of falling snow.

Can you make snow globes without glycerin?

No glycerin? No problem! There are plenty of ways you can substitute glycerin when bringing your homemade snow globes to life. Some glycerin alternatives include light corn syrup, mineral oil, baby oil, or a clear cooking oil.

How do you make a Suncatcher CD?


  1. Gather your materials.
  2. Remove the top layer of a CD using tape.
  3. Repeat Step 1 on both sides of the CD until it’s completely transparent.
  4. Download, print, and cut the three templates above.
  5. Tape the design under the clear CD.
  6. Outline the design with black window or textured paint.

What material is used for paper plate?

A paper plate is a plate made out of paper and often quoted and lined with plastic or similar substances to prevent from leaking out or soaking through the paper.

What materials are used to make a paper plate?

Pulp paper is clean and generally is the most resistant to oils, which makes it useful for almost any type of food. Other paper plates are made from sugar-cane fibers left over from the sugar-making process, or other vegetable materials from similar processes.

How do you make a simple paper sun?

What to do:

  1. Cut off a square of wax paper and tape it down.
  2. Spread shaving cream over your wax paper and make sure it’s nice and smooth and foamy.
  3. Drop five drops of red and yellow food coloring in a circular area.
  4. Use your toothpicks to swirl the red and yellow colors together in a circle.