How do you make a nurse smile?

How do you make a nurse smile?

10 Little Wins That Can Instantly Make a Nurse Smile

  1. Making lightning-fast, impactful care decisions.
  2. Hearing words of encouragement from a fellow nurse.
  3. Meeting someone they would never have spoken to otherwise.
  4. Keeping track of their pen for an entire shift.
  5. Learning something new.
  6. Making a difference in someone’s life.

What are some nurse sayings?

“Nurses dispense comfort, compassion, and caring without even a prescription.” – Val Saintsbury. “Panic plays no part in the training of a nurse.” – Elizabeth Kenny. “Nursing would be a dream job if there were no doctors.” – Gerhard Kocher. “Man who want pretty nurse must be patient.” – Confucious.

Do Nurses have a motto?

According to the American Nurses Association, the pledge was named after Florence Nightingale, who is considered the founder of modern nursing. In the pledge, nurses promise to uphold the Hippocratic oath, do no harm, practice discretion and be dedicated to their work as a nurse.

Why are you a nurse quotes?

“A nurse is not what you do. It is what you are… I am a nurse. It’s not what I do, it’s what I AM.”

Why do nurses smile?

A genuine smile given by a nurse can do wonders as it conveys acceptance, builds trust and establishes inter-personal relationship. It also helps nurses to feel better and avoid anxiety or stress burnout in clinical situation.

What is the nurse’s prayer?

As I care for my patients today, Be there with me, O Lord, I pray. Make my words kind – It means so much And in my hands Place Your healing touch. Give to my heart, O Lord… Compassion and understanding.

What kind of person makes a good nurse?

Our kindness, fairness, caring, trustworthiness, emotional stability, empathy and compassion are part of who we are as people on a personal level and serve us well as nurses. Exhibiting strong communication skills that help us communicate with patients and colleagues, sometimes at their worst life moments.

What does an extraordinary nurse look like to you?

In summary, they said the exceptional nurse is a kind-hearted, compassionate, caring person with strong communication skills — someone who listens well and puts the patient first. The exceptional nurse of course has strong clinical skills, keen attention to detail and commitment to the highest standards of care.