How do you make a lamp shade with a wire hanger?

How do you make a lamp shade with a wire hanger?

Put your template lampshade on a large piece of paper and trace circles around the bottom and the top. Bend a wire coat hanger into a circle of the correct size for the bottom. Twist the ends of the wire together to hold it in place (pliers are useful for this). Repeat for the top.

How do you cut a lampshade wire?

Use the wire cutter on the PowerCut™ Easy Action™ Snips to cut a length of wire. Then use the pliers to create a loop in the wire. Place inside the top of the lampshade and twist into the grid of the metal sheet to secure. Use the wire cutters to trim the wire to size as necessary.

How do you make a tin lampshade?

Cut the tin sheet to the size of the lampshade you want to make.

  1. Fit a piece of paper around the lampshade form.
  2. Cut it to the size you want the shade to be.
  3. Use the paper as a pattern for the tin.
  4. Wear protective gloves.
  5. Make the tin slightly larger than the shade form to overlap the edges to secure it to the shade.

What metal are lampshades made of?

Manufacturers make lampshades out of aluminum, brass, copper, steel, and much more. Some metal shades feature generous piercing patterns that will splash a beautiful pattern on your walls.

What material can I use to make a lampshade?

There are four broad categories of lampshade materials: silks, synthetics, linens, and cotton. Silk is the fabric of luxury.

How do you punch a tin?

Tape the paper to the metal, and place the metal on a piece of particleboard. Position the punching tool on one of the dots. Tap the end lightly with a hammer to make a groove in the metal; then tap again, more forcefully, to pierce. Repeat, making more holes to complete your design.

How to make a wire lampshade frame?

Measure and cut a large piece of card stock,or other heavy paper into a rectangle 10 inches high by 30 inches long.

  • Set the paper,pattern-side facing down,on a table and draw a line 1 inch from each edge across the top and bottom.
  • Place one wire ring within a fold and glue the fold shut as you carefully work the paper around to form a cylinder.
  • How to make a custom lamp shade?

    Let us create a custom lamp shade any shape or size in silk,linen,fabric,mica,metal or paper

  • Let us recover your old lamp shade and make it like new again
  • No shape is too complex,no size is too large or too small for your custom lampshade
  • Order a single custom lamp shade or large quantity for wholesale and commercial customers
  • How to make a string lamp shade?


  • Inflate. Inflate the balloon and tie a slip knot in the end of it (the balloon will need to be opened again later).
  • Saturate Thread With Fabric Stiffener.
  • Wrap the Thread Around the Balloon.
  • Over-inflate the Balloon.
  • Dry.
  • Remove the Balloon.
  • Cut a Hole and Insert the Bulb.
  • Stopper.
  • How to decorate a lamp shade?

    Decorate A Lampshade In Fabric. You can instantly dress up plain lampshades by wrapping them in fabric.You can even purchase adhesive backed lampshades at your local craft store! Paint A Plain Lampshade. Paint is a quick and easy way to dress up a boring lampshade. I painted this vintage cast iron pineapple lamp a pretty turquoise blue. I