How do you immobilize a broken thumb?

How do you immobilize a broken thumb?

You’ll be set in a special cast, known as a spica cast, for six weeks. This cast holds your thumb in place while your bone heals. The spica cast immobilizes your thumb by wrapping around your forearm and thumb.

How would you immobilize a finger or thumb fracture?

If you have an unstable fracture, your provider may immobilize your finger with a splint after aligning the fragments of the fracture. Providers are usually able to do this procedure under local anesthesia. They usually inject a numbing solution (like at the dentist’s office) into the nerves at the base of your finger.

How do you immobilize a thumb?

Use athletic tape to keep your thumb attached to your index finger. This stops the thumb from moving so that the ligament isn’t damaged any further. To treat a minor sprain, your doctor will have you wear a thumb spica splint or a cast to keep your thumb from moving.

What kind of splint is used for a broken thumb?

Upper Extremity Splinting and Casting Chart

Region Type of splint/cast
Thumb, first metacarpal, and carpal bones Thumb spica splint/cast
Finger injuries Buddy taping
Aluminum U-shaped splint
Dorsal extension-block splint

What happens if a broken thumb goes untreated?

Failure to treat a broken thumb can often result in arthritis or breaking down of the joint. This can cause chronic pain, stiffness, and swelling.

How can you tell if thumb broken?

Symptoms of a fractured thumb include:

  1. Severe pain at the fracture site.
  2. Swelling.
  3. Limited or no ability to move the thumb.
  4. Extreme tenderness when the thumb is touched.
  5. A misshapen or deformed look to the thumb.
  6. Numbness or coldness in the thumb.
  7. Instability of a joint in the thumb.

Do thumb fractures need a cast?

If the bone fragments of the fracture have not moved (displaced) very much, or if the break is located in the middle (shaft) of the bone, your surgeon may be able to treat the thumb fracture without surgery using a specially designed cast (spica cast) to hold the bone fragments in place.

How long does a fractured thumb last?

A broken thumb is usually caused by landing on it when falling, or a sudden force causing the thumb to pull backwards such as catching a ball or other object. Most of the healing happens between three to six weeks, but can take several months for you symptoms to settle completely.

How do you wrap a broken thumb with an Ace bandage?

Pull the bandage diagonally as you cross the hand. Pull through between the thumb and index finger. 2. Continue to wrap the ace bandage across the palm, under the thumb, over the back of the hand, across wrist, and up over the back of the hand then between the thumb and index finger.

Is a fractured thumb serious?

Description. Because it affects the ability to grasp items a broken thumb can be a serious problem. Although a fracture can occur anywhere in the thumb, the most serious happen near the joints, especially at the base of the thumb near the wrist.

Do you cast a fractured thumb?

Treatment for a thumb fracture depends on where the break has occurred. For example, a break in the base of the thumb often requires surgery. This is because a doctor may have difficulty applying a splint or cast to the thumb. A splint or cast ensures that the thumb is in the right place to heal correctly.

Can you sleep with a thumb stabilizer?

Should I sleep in my thumb brace? Yes, depending on the condition of your thumb joint. A 2018 research review suggests that continuous use of a thumb brace throughout the day and into the night could be required to properly rest the thumb and make sure it stays in an ergonomic position.