How do you get to Whispering Palms Sipaway?

How do you get to Whispering Palms Sipaway?

From San Carlos City terminal, you take a pedicab or motorcab for P8. 00 per person going to the port fronting the Bantay Dagat bound for Sipaway Island. From there you take a boat ride for P15. 00 per person to Sipaway Island where the Whispering Palms is located.

How do you get to Sipaway Island?

Sipaway Island is just a 15-minute boat ride from mainland San Carlos City. The boat departs every 30 minutes and is available from 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM. The fare is only Php15. Take a Ceres Bus from Bacolod City to San Carlos City.

Where is Sipaway located?

Sipaway, or Refugio Island, as its geographic name goes, is an island which is located 15 minutes (more or less) away from the center of San Carlos City in Negros Occidental. You’ll probably be thrilled to discover that some breathtaking, white sand beaches mark its amazing coastline.

How do I get from Bacolod to Sipaway Island?

Take a Ceres Bus bound for San Carlos City at the Bacolod South Ceres Bus Terminal. If you want a much faster trip, you can take Vhire just parking beside the bus terminal in Bacolod. The moment you arrive at San Carlos City, take a tricycle and ask the driver to bring you to the port for Sipaway Island.

How do I get from Bacolod to Sipalay?

From Bacolod City proper, take a taxi or multi-cab with South Bus Terminal. Then board a bus en route to Sipalay. Bus fare to Sipalay from Bacolod is Php 180 (ordinary bus) and travel time is 4-5 hours.

How much is the fare from Bacolod to Sipalay?

Bus fare to Sipalay from Bacolod is Php 180 (ordinary bus) and travel time is 4-5 hours.

Is Sipalay open?

BACOLOD CITY – The City of Sipalay in Negros Occidental has opened its doors to travelers from other parts of Western Visayas (Region 6) and has also eliminated the need for travel documents for visitors within the province starting Wednesday.

How many beaches are in Sipalay City?


What is the meaning of Sipalay?

Sipalay got its name from the old native phrase “si palay” meaning “there is rice.” Touted as the “Jewel of the Sugar Island,” Sipalay City is fast becoming a destination of choice among tourists.

What is the history of Sipalay City?

Sipalay City started as a settlement of the wandering Bornean datus. These settlers started their stay almost in the year 1800s. The people were staying near the Canman-og River, known today as Naga River or Sipalay River, and was being rules by Basilio Debuyan. Houses were built and a village was organized.

Why Sipalay is called Sipalay?

The selected area was forestland. The former settlement is now known as Sipalay Diotay. It stands today as the sentimental reminder of a once happy and prosperous village. Within the new place, the people continued to make their living.

What is pasaway festival?

Called the “Pasaway Festival”, it is a tribute to Sipalay’s glorious mining days in the past. It is held every last week of March featuring 17 barangays in copper/mineral-inspired costumes dancing their way through the city proper.

Why Bailes de Luces is celebrated?

Bailes de Luces or the Festival of Lights is a thanksgiving celebration of the townspeople for all the blessings they received during the year. Bailes De Luces or Dances of lights in Spanish. Luces or Light in Spanish symbolizes hope. The festival highlights the use of lights in festival presentations.

Is Bailes de Luces a religious festival?

Translating as “Dances of Light”, the Bailes de Luces is one of the highlights of calendar in La Castellana, Negros Occidental. It is meant to be a festival of hope and thanksgiving—thanks for the blessings received and hope for a prosperous new year.

What is Sipalay City known for?

Sipalay, which is about 175 kilometers from Bacolod City, is known for its white sand beaches and crystal clear waters, attracting both foreign and local tourists seeking a tranquil getaway.

What is Pasalamat Festival?

Pasalamat Festival held every Sunday nearest the first of May or Labor Day. It is a harvest thanksgiving celebration by the people of La Carlota City, Negros Occidental, Philippines.

Where in the Philippines that Bailes de Luces is being celebrated?

What do many visitors like to do in Sipalay?

8 Tourist Spots for Your SIPALAY ITINERARY

  • Sugar Beach.
  • Tinagong Dagat.
  • Punta Ballo Beach.
  • Hang Out at Perth Paradise Beach Resort.
  • Danjugan Island.
  • Campomanes Bay.
  • Chill in Poblacion Beach.
  • Go on a Food Trip.

What month is the Pasalamat festival?